Calgary in a romp!!!!!!!!


The Alouettes won plain and simple because Gilles Ducette has been resurrected as the leader of the Bloc Quebecois.
This inspired the players and the fans at Mcgill stadium.
Sales of poutine tripled and many grocery outlets sold out of pea soup.
Expo 67 was the turning point. It put Montreal on the world map.
Furthermore, the '76 Olympics debt is still on the minds of Alouettes fans particularly in the 4th quarter.
I have often wondered what happened to Chez Helene?????
And, Ginette Reno??? Dennis Trudeau??? Gary Carter???? Bill Stoneman???
And, who could forget the Spaceman, Bill Lee.
All contributed to the enormous victory by the Als today.
CFL Football is really a simple game once you figure it out!!! :rockin: 8) :slight_smile: :roll: :wink: :thup:

Actually his name is Gilles Duceppe, unless you might be referring to ol' Gerry "the rocker" Ducette's brother!

I think the Big Owe olympic debt was finally paid off a few years ago if I recall correctly. One of the biggest white elephants in history!

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