Calgary HS/Minor Football gets a venue boost

...beginning this year the old football fields used by the HIgh Schools and Minor clubs at Shouldice Park are retired and in their place the city has built new playing fields using Field Turf surfaces, single support uprights (Y shape, not H) and full CFL dimensions (including 20 yard deep endzones)...a large financial contribution from Ted Hellard and the Stampeder organization made this happen, a show of good faith back to growing the sport at the grassroots level...I've seen these fields up close and they are better than most CFL teams had to play on even five years ago....

This is really good news since the athletic field situation in the city is unbelievably poor. The city also has plans to put $450 million into athletic facilities including Foothills Park which hopefully will be able to be used as some kind of a practice facility for the Stamps because what is there now, is a disgrace.

Good on the Stamps organization to help with football infrastructure at the grass roots level!

wow... nice work Stampeders!

3 fields all turf and all official size!

take THAT EDMONTON!! :lol:

haha.. kidding.

they have 2 fields that are artificial turf that HS teams play in.

Spruce Grove, which is 30 mins west of Edmonton has 2 artificial turf fields! Esks have a day of training camp there each year.

Alberta rocks :rockin: Man how I look forward to visiting. :thup:

Toronto can only wish. Nice job Calgary!! :thup: