Calgary hits One Million

...sometime this morning a baby will be or already has been born and according to the census people this child will be symbolically and ceremoniously heralded as the One Millionth Citizen of Calgary.....

you know what that means right? you gonna need a bigger stadium. :lol:

slight sarcasm

Build the "Prairee Dome".....45,000 seats! :wink: :wink:

Sounds good to me.

Calgary hits 1 million thanks to former Sask residents :wink: , now they should leave Calgary so they can drop below a mill :lol:

.....your province couldn't handle the UI payments.....

Calgary, my second favorite city next to the Okanagan area.

I wouldn't mind seeing rider fans leave Calgary, they can go back to being farmers.

Ah BGM now be nice I know you are having fun with us. But you know all those ex Saskatchewan people are in no hurry to move back now are they. In Saskatchewan when they reach 10,000 that is a milesotne! :lol: :lol: But hey there is nothing wrong with living in small communities.