calgary herald says we're harming the cfl ...

Well...other than the state of the stadium, there's really nothing in this article that I can argue.
Smells included....(which, embarrasses me even more than our record.)

Every league needs a whipping boy. It used to be Ottawa with the Glieberguys, now it's the Ticats. The way it goes. NFL has had the Lions and the Millen fiasco although the Raiders and Al Davis are an embarrasement to the league in the press. Leafs perennial whipping boys for different reasons etc...

Give it time, we'll be ok if Bob hangs in there and enough fans.

I dont think there is concern for the franchise folding or any of that gloom and doom stuff but they have made lots of mistakes and may finally have it coming together.

What does that mean? I assume you know Harper was born and raised in Toronto and Flaherty represents the riding of Whitby-Oshawa...Ontario.

Dowbiggin was born in MTL and also lived in Windsor in his youth.

Knocked around T.O first on CBC then radio work on the FAN in the mid 90s where he was a panelist on McCowan and Hunt's show where he routinely put down the CFL and shoot down the cultural significance argument by how it wasnt part of his sports heritage growing up since he followed the Detroit Lions.

Read Dunnigan's book. Has a whole chapter on Calgary media when he was coach. Pompous and smug then pompous and smug now.

As a TC/CFL fan to put any stock in what he says shows alot more fan self loathing than the usual Ham. variety of late.

Zontar: Deal with the issue..not the personality.
Whats wrong with his assessment of this team in the past few years? We have been much more critical ovewr the same points he makes here on this forum.

Personality is part of the issue. Columns by nature are injected with the individual's personality

Pointing out mistakes is one thing but pointing them out and mocking the city is quite diff and reveals alot about the columnist. All this from a guy who used to boast he wasnt a CFL fan?

Most real TC fans, especially Hamiltonians, watch every down on TV or in person know whats' really going on and dont need snide, distant columnists to inform them.

But if the columnist (s) feeds your inner self loathing for the present state of the team or individuals in the org. then that is your problem.

Please dont assume the columnist (s) speak for everybody.

I care even less about what someone from the Calgary Herald says than I do about what someone from the Spectator says and that's saying a lot.

Smell, this guy wants Smell, trying standing on the parade route for the Stampede Parade for two hours, now thats SMELL. And right downtown :stuck_out_tongue:

It was more a commentary on the fact that currently the centre of Canadian politics is located in Harper's Conservative home turf of Calgary and the public, anti-Ontario sentiments of Mr. Flaherty. I wasn't referring directly to where they may happen to be born or where they may happen to live currently.

  • paul

The Calgary Herald's article, although exaggerated, is 90% on the money.
However, there is nothing that can't be fixed, and I feel that the team, as
a whole, is on the right track.

It's just a matter of time before one of the other seven teams becomes the league's patsies.

In terms of the city of Hamilton, sorry, it frequently DOES stink if you are down
wind of our industry. Too often, however, visitors here lose sight of the niceties
around our town and dwell on our industrial area which is actually getting smaller
in size and in the throes of a clean-up program.


There was nothing “anti-Ontario” about pointing out our highest effective tax rate. If you are a business able to locate in any province you want then the one with the highest tax rate probably isn’t it.

As is the obvious problem of loathing others.

Bruce sometimes writes pretty dumb articles. First and foremost he has no right saying antyhing derogatory towards any city in Canada who made him the authority to do so. On football operations in Steel town he is not saying anything that most Tigercat fans knew already. The football team is very close to turning the corner. The problem is you have an owner who should sit his ass down and let football people run the team. I mean it is nice of Bob to be the owner and take an interest with the team. But like the scenario we had here in Calgary with the Box King from California you need football people to run the show. The Tiger cats down fall is consistancey from the front office down to the team. The coaches over the last two years obviously had to work around a poor front office and owner. This reflects the play of the team as we all now know. Now that Obie is in place to run the show or at least that is what we are lead to believe a new coach is to come in and make sense of a good football team. yes they are a good tema look how many game they lost in the last play of the game. The Stamps were like that then we brought in Higgens to stablize the franchise. He did that but was not the ownerships first choice and Huff came in to finish off the job Higgens started. The Tiger cats are at that stage player wise. I am not sold the Bell flower will be the guy that can do it. Yes he will give consistancey but is he the guy to take this team to the next step. I for one am not sold on him. But time will tell. So the Dowbiggen story big deal the Tiger Cat fans can see the talent now it is up to someone to put this mess together and run it to success. Bad moves this year by the Cats Casey Printers and the recent signing of Kenton Keith over priced losers. Your team has what it takes with out them believe me. But I think you guys already know that. Now to bad Bob Young can not see that. Good luck next year boys and od not stop believing. OSZKEE Meyers!

Personally, I like when out-of-towners bring up the stink of the city. Hopefully it puts more pressure on city officials and the clowns running these companies to clean up their act.

I often wonder if this city would be better off if our large steel producers closed up shop one night. It would hurt at first, but essentially, they've taken what could have been beautiful lakeside property and destroyed it. Our ever-expanding health-sciences industry would see accelerated growth as spinoff companies and sought-after talent wouldn't be (literally and figuratively) turning their nose up at the city.

Instead, we're clinging to a shrinking number of jobs in a dying industry....doing untold damage to our environment and our image...all while making a large chunk of the city either uninhabitable or undesirable.

I dunno...I'd say clean up, or get out.