Calgary Herald: Lions bring out best in Burris

heres the first two paras in todays ( july 28th) paper,

Every time henry Burris sees orange, white and black jerseys across the field, the blood must start pumping a little faster through his veins.
the 7 yr vet cfl vet plays his finest football against the Lions. Is it just a coincidence? he doesnt think so.
“When you play the best you have to come ready to beat the best” the stamp qb said wednesday, as his team prepared for fridays cfl tussle in van. …

Later on in the article he talks about how great of a game he had in the final vs the lions. and he sees a weakness in our defense… heres my question, his he still seeing LAST years defense??? or has he been watchin tapes of our last four games?

.........the lions defense is more or less intact from last year so what's the difference?........and yeah, he's only watching last years tapes, wudda dumb point.......

im still lookin for a burris trading card, anyone have one?

Actually the Lions defense is significantly changed this year . For starters We got a new co-ordinator in Dave Ritchie. Ritchie is known for much more of a pressure , blitzing style compared to last years run stopping but low pressure
approach of Paul Arslanian.
There are personel changes as well with several new dbs and linemen.

burris sucks!!! go defense!! kidd is back and the orange barrin is still partolling the field. GO LIONS GO................ :twisted:

i agree who cares about burris! and lets see mor action from the newly returning Carl Kidd!!!

NO but I know where there are a couple of thousand Burris suck shirts with tears on them.

Obviously the best wasn't good enough for Burris. :slight_smile:

.........not sure what that means...........anyway, good game to the leos, you have the west locked up if you can keep playing like that.......

Now now, be nice :lol: