wasn't this game originally scheduled for today, or did I read the schedule wrong

..which schedule you going by....the first one that included the Rens :roll: ....the revised schedule ..after the (demise) says Cal. at Ham. 7;30 EASTERN TIME...FRI. ...JULY 14..... 8)'re reading it wrong sam.....the original schedule (before the Rens vapourized) had the Stamps playing in Winnipeg Saturday night.....lucky for those Bombers eh?!?!..... :stuck_out_tongue: ....

Sorry Red, I have been saying this for a while and obviously picked the wrong horse(no pun intended) but the Cats are more then due. Especially with the new coach etc.. You will remember how a few weeks back the Cats should have could have won in Calgary, save and except the last play FG and running off the field by D'Angelis.

I too think the 'Cats are due... Not a great club but certainly not bad enough to lose to Cowgary...31-20... :wink:

I too have so much confidence in the Cats this week that I changed my pick in the pool back to Cowgary...

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game. I like the Ti-Cats in a shootout. Calgary may under-prepare , if you can against Hamilton. And Mass has shown a propensity to tear up the Calgary secondary. This could be the Ti-Cats week !!

.....the first horse (no pun intended) of the apocalypse, an argo fan backing up the Tiger Cats.... :lol: ......if there is one thing Calgary has going for itself it is that Higgins/Creehan/Buratto will not be underprepared for the Cats.....the Tabbies almost, should have, beat us in our own barn a few weeks ago and I doubt that last weeks game in Riderville will mean this one can be taken lightly....the Ti-Cats will be ready to prove their mettle and Ronny will have them pumped....I'm looking forward to it and may the best team win.....

More like, likly for those Stamps. :lol: :wink:

Red, I hope you are not crying in your beer today after yesterdays exciting finish. Just like the first in Cowtown.