Calgary @ Hamilton

Okay Cat Fans what do you think about Todays match up between the Hometown Cats and the Stamps at Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University, A big win for the Cats or a Loss to the Stamps?

I say Cats and hoping for a victory but Calgary is a good team as well, could be a close one especially if it rains or the weather gets messy?


I'm Expecting the worse hoping for the best for today's matchup.

Maybe all the rain and wind will help shut down the Stamps offence and give us a chance.

Why didn't the cats give up two points when they were kicking in the end zone???????????????(in the fourth quarter)

Oh Well, yet another loss, at least we are competing for the Basement in the East Division at 1 and 6??

Hey - in about 3 hours we will be tied for second again. Start printing those EDSF tickets now! :stuck_out_tongue: