Calgary @ Hamilton

Is anyone else watching TSN right now? Why are they airing a two-hour Sports Centre? They're showing all the same stories that they did in the first hour. Why do I need to see them twice? Come on, guys. Give us a pre-game show. :thup:

Sandro DeAngelis will be handling the placement kicking in Edmonton for the Roughriders..

I say incomplete.

I disagree with the way they apply the rule but that is the correct call. It's that idiotic "must survive contact" application. Those should be fumbles.

Bad drop by Lewis.

Not; Glenn had pressure, ball went went by Lewis.

Should be interesting to see the first quarter stats if this pace keeps up. :lol:

Sure, after I say this, Calgary starts putting together a drive. :expressionless:

Definitely looked short. Stamps turn it over on downs. Time for the Cats to move the ball now. :thup:

Roughing the Official, 15 yards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huf's halftime assignment: Re-teach #0 how to defend.

Dear Calgary D, thanks for spotting us the TD. I'll take it! :smiley: 7-0 Cats.

Big Taylor romps for yardage on the punt return..Calgary in the Red Zone; next play TD Cornish ..tie game at 7

Calgary may have just scored the easiest TD of the season... :?

...and the score is:

Chief: 10
backer: 3
moses: 1

In posts that is.... :rockin: I'll take the three points anytime - NFL style :cowboy:

Woot! I'm winning! :smiley:

I'm a little behind because I got pulled away from the game. There's still 9:52 left in the 2nd and the officials just missed an obvious Calgary offside. I expect to have a strong 2nd half. 8)

...I sure hope one of Huf's notes on his page he's been writing on is:

remember not to start Glenn in the second half because he has forgotten how to throw a pass - is a BIG liability right now, JH

Cats are moving da ball! :smiley: