Calgary @ Hamilton, Sept 30 - Pre-game


Like this, right? We need this one!

Should be a beautiful afternoon at THF for football: 20-21C with light winds…


Time for the Cats to finish off this dead horse.



RB James Butler - have an amazing/awesome game.

Cheers Abbey


I do not really remember Jamal Davis II from his time with the Montreal Alouettes. Is this a kid who can provide a pass rush in a 1 on 1 matchup against some of the better OT’s in the CFL ??
This is one element that has been seriously lacking from the 'Cats D in 2022 & 2023.

If Jamal Davis II can produce sacks & hurries on passing downs, I believe that might officially close the book on Ja’Gared Davis’ time in Hamilton.


And we’re we thought the offer of a 4th rounder would do it.

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One of only two, I believe, Stampeders who were Tiger-Cats.

We are going to have to find a way of neutralizing that headhunting animal Awe . Playing a guy like that honestly worries me that he is going to take out one of our players with another one of his many cheap shots .

He has basically become the new Marino in this league . It’s rather obvious to all (except for Suitor) that he is after he was fined for a 4th time this season for his transgressions on the field. It’s also rather obvious that the league doesn’t really give a damn about player safety by allowing this lunatic to keep on playing without a well deserved suspension for his actions .

I’m not one for advocating injury on anyone but If there was one guy I would love to see taken off on a stretcher on Saturday it is Awe .


8 career fines.
How many does Simoni have?


Not as many as Awe not even close in fact . Not to mention that Simoni has been playing for twice as long as Awe .
The sad part is that Awe has a good shot at being named the MODP nominee out West this season .

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It’s almost like the host broadcasters national coverage has bias.


Well if you listen to that little pant load of a twerp Suitor you would think that Awe is the best thing since sliced bread and should be going in to get fitted for angel wings .

Stamps’ game depth chart shows that Ka’Deem Carey, “Questionable” on their injury report, will play. They’ve made five line-up changes from their game, last week, vs. MTL, including 4 changes among starters (@ C, LT, MLB & Field Corner).

Roberson is a plus for them at corner but McEwen out is not ideal on their side. Don’t know enough about the others

Their last game C and MLB are both, now, on the P.R., so likely improvements, this week for them, in those positions. The LT and CB, from last week are both, now, on their injured lists, so back-ups are in there.

So, it’s Sunderland, J, Davis, Diallo & Osei-Kusi added, with Laurent, Elliott, Crawford, and Sindani out, compared to last week’s roster.

Sunderland @ corner with George moving inside is a new twist.
BLM still charting.

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Elliot out at HB could be a big loss for us.

Let’s hope Murray and Diallo refrain from dumb penalties this game.


And, he’s on the 6-game list! Even though he wasn’t on the Injury Report through the 3 days of practice!!

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That’s not the first time that something like that has happened this year . It’s happened a few times now where a player not listed all week on the so called IR suddenly shows up on the 6 game when the depth chart comes out .

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