Calgary - Hamilton Game

I was sitting in the stands last night and watched the game. Some of my fellow fans were getting down on Kevin Glenn for his play last night. I pointed out that Kevin is only using the plays that are called. IMO Dave Dickensen called a poor game last night.

A few points to consider;

  1. In winter conditions, it is very difficult to run up the middle, yet they kept trying all night long. I understand you want to keep the defense "honest", but they very rarely ran outside which would have been more open (see first touchdown of the game for hamilton).
  2. TOO many long passes. In conditions like we had last night, the receivers are not able to get as much speed as they regularily would and so the "timing" of the longer passes are off. As a result we saw many incomplete or intercepted passes last night (by both sides).
  3. In winter conditions 5 yards and run. 5 yard passes and let the receiver run for extra yards. We finally started doing that in the 3rd quarter and lo an behold we marched down the feild for a touchdown (granted the drive was aided by a few penalties).
  4. Passes to the flat - These are fine, but we always seemed to be throwing over the back shoulders of our receivers. cuts are hard to make in slippery conditions, so we need to be reconsidering how we make those passes into the flats. Hitting a guy "with speed" is great, but if he can't turn it up field because he's not on balance when he makes the catch, he's just going to run out of bounds faster and not make up much field position.
  5. Why go for a 2 point conversion when a single point was all we needed. If we HAD gotten the single point and not gone for the 2 point convert, the end of the game would have been 35 - 32 putting more pressure on Hamilton to go for the endzone (if they wanted to win), instead of just needing a field goal to win the game. Now as I understand it that particular call was Huff's call, but as the OC Dave had to have some input in that decission.

All in all I thought is was a decent Game. I hope that the Offense is buying supper for the Defence this entire week. I'm pretty sure our Defense has just about half the points we have gotten this season (I'm being sarcastic). A little better play selection and we should be an even stronger team!

All I know is that Huffer better find a way to give up fewer points per game. It's going to bite them in the arse real soon.

I agree they need to have a better game plan for poor weather conditions. Having nailed down a home play off game will mean nothing if they can't win it and chances are the weather will be bad. Let's hope they've learned something from this game.

And you just know its going to be the Durant and Dressler show that we have to face in the semi, not to mention the green plague that comes with them. :lol:

I hate the green plague!

Worst of it is over half of them wear RED to most of the games ... but "switch sides" when the team named after an "alternative lifestyle" act is in our stadium. :x

Then there's the extra security we have to bring in for that game and they all want that watered down american style beer :roll:

Durant is now and always will be an overrated quarterback. He has won one Grey Cup and he beat two 1st cfl start back up quarterbacks by a total of 4 points in two games (if my memory serves me correctly) to win that Cup, BUT to their fans, he is "Gods gift to the world" and as such is untouchable. The only way Durant will win another Grey Cup is if he is traded away to another team.

Dropsies Dressler is not an issue this year. :wink:

( :cowboy: Let the Flaming begin :lol: )

Durant has never won a Grey Cup. 8)