Calgary @ Hamilton 2023 PBP Thread

Game 4 this week sees the highly-awaited visit to THF of the Calgary Stampeders. Unfortunately, BLM won’t be facing his former team.

MTL has sewn-up a playoff berth, Toronto is having an extended pre-season, and Ottawa is Ottawa.

A victory makes it much more difficult for a Western crossover. I hope this is an exciting game.

Must win for the Cats.

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Definitely not must win. A loss and we’re still very much in position to make the playoffs.

That said, it sure would be nice to get a little movement in the right direction

Tre Roberson on the injury report all week needing a little attention after second down.

If they want to be taken seriously I would say it’s a must win.

ok cats wakie wakie

not sure of the spelling but it will do

I don’t have any faith in Powell. But we’ll see.

Fake was wide open…WIDE open

WTF was that?
That was a horrible fake punt.

what a kind of play was that

Time for a martini, or twoni…

Great design, no block


Kats laying the lumber.

A win today doesn’t have this team being taken seriously. They’re quite a ways from that.

Playing same old garbage coach O football

I didn’t see Simoni do anything there.

How the heck do you avoid hitting the QB in that situation?

Shiltz in for Powell…

For 1 play

Offsetting, at least.
“This isn’t who we are” - yeah, right Stein…