Calgary @ Hamilton - 15 Sept. 2018

...nothing special, just good ball mgmt and run the clock down...

…that roughness was completely unnecessary…

…it’s ‘throw away the key’ Rod…throwing away the lock doesn’t do anything but keep the door open…

No. Jones is just stupid.

230 net yards or so for Calgary in the second half. Looks like the ticat d is not that great. They had a chance to show they are in the same league as Calgary but failed miserably at home.

Good D. At times, very good. Calgary is simply better. Best team in the League by a country mile.

I seriously figured the Tabbys had a chance of pulling this one off. I think they had a reasonably good showing for the first 3 quarters considering who they were up against.

Cannot figure out Masoli though. Notwithstanding the poor job his O-Line did at keeping the wolf pack at bay, he was definitely not on his game. Either that or the Stamps D-line had his number and were just better at shutting him down than I am used to seeing.

I dare say that Masoli was playing like the ORB’s Harris. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps Harris will play like Masoli against the Riders and we will pull this one off.

Okay, I am delusional.

Without Banks I figured this one would have been a write-off after a quarter or two but the Cats made it a bit interesting but just no way agains’t the Stamps with the explosiveness they have and without Banks their d could take more chances. Sure Masoli wasn’t great but there was a reason for it.

As Kevin says, Calgary is simply better and it showed today injuries nothwithstanding.

OMG - that was absloutely absurdly hot for those of us in the east stands. No wonder thousands whose seats were in the east either no-showed, stood in the shade somewhere else in the stadium or left early. It felt like 40C in the sun where our original seats were.

We left our seats when a 'gentleman' arrived early in the second quarter and sat 3 seats down from us - unfortuately in the direction the wind was coming from. I'm guessing he had not bathed in a least a week. He successfully cleared out about 10 of us who moved to other seats.

Mind you - we had a ton to choose from right in our immediate area. The entire upper deck of the east stands looked like this in the ridiculously hot weather. These shots I took at that time early in the 2nd quarter.

It was so hot I think this pig likely was roasted without being put in a BBQ - lol

…meanwhile we’re supposed to get another drop of snow here tonight…

That’s what my brother-in-law who I went to the game with today - was saying. He’s on a contract that has him working in Calgary for the next several months but he flies home here to Hamilton on most weekends. He said he had jokingly thrown a snowball at the cab as it was picking him up to go to the airport in Calgary yesterday. So the temps today were quite the contrast for him.