Calgary @ Hamilton - 15 Sept. 2018

So who’ll be the starting RB for the Stampeders on Saturday?


And what’s wrong with Don Jackson anyway? Grass stains? This late scratch business has been inconvenient and annoying.


Going to be a big game for the Cats!

Time to show up and play!!!

This will probably be Hamilton’s best opportunity in years to beat Calgary: at home against a Stamps team with injuries to key players. Even Mitchell is slowed up and susceptible to the pass rush.
Let’s go, Cats!

Even though it is not in my interest, I am rooting for the Tabbys.

Romar Morris starts at RB - Jackson may still have a slight hamstring issue.

We’re in for another hot sunny one for those of us going to the game here in the Hammer later this afternoon. Florence has pushed hot humid air our way and we are currently at 30C feeling like 34C.

Yah, I was considering going to the Marauders/Blues game today until I saw the weather report.
No thanks.

…going fishing in 20 minutes boys, catch up later…go stamps!!

Not surprisingly, Rod Black shows up with a new persona today. TSN tall foreheads musta spoken with him about his perennial incompetence.

Today Rod exhibiting an “I Don’t Give a Shave” attitude!

Jerry Glanville doing a GREAT job. :slight_smile:

Where did this Hamilton team come from? 5 weeks ago, I had written them off.

So close…

Hamilton’s D is soooo aggressive. Nice to see. :slight_smile:

Saw that fake coming a mile away. Oh well… I am off to Church.

See you guys in an hour. Hopefully, the Ticats will be winning. :slight_smile:

Well... I am back and we are NOT winning. :frowning:

Still, a good game.


Hamilton’s offence is awful, today. So are the special teams - minus the run back.

Come on boys. Bring this home.

Tabbys O line doing a piss poor job of protecting Masoli. Masoli in turn is not on his game.

Agreed. On both accounts

…hold em to three boys

lol at the 5 yard line and they go for 3 with 7 minutes left. A field goal does absolutely nothing for the Ti-Cats at this point. Still a 2 possession game. Jones is gutless.

Calgary is just too good. You can hold them for a while but eventually they start to roll.