Calgary Grey Cup loss a "Total Choke"

I thought the deciding factor of this game would be the defection of Defensive Coordinator Chris "Judas" Jones to TO from Calgary, but that would be giving Jones too much credit.

Granted, Jones is doing an excellent job, but he's getting help.

  1. Dave "one too many hits to the head" Dickenson: Why don't we run Jon Cornish down the middle every single first down in the first half and maybe the 2nd too? Are you braindead?
  2. Kevin "Charlie Brown" Glenn: Throwing lame ducks all night like he's eating KFC on the sidelines. You're a loser a you'll always be a loser, Charlie Brown.

You did the CFL a disservice by beating B.C. last week. God damn you to hell, Stampeders! No need to bring Quick Six to the game when you can't even score a TD with the refs throwing you gift pass interference penalties, you pathetic losers.

You're kidding right? The Argos defence won this game. Calgary just couldn't break free, no choke

with some help they made it to within the 20 yard line and left with 3pts instead of 7pts. Stamps had nothing on O tnite.

Full credit to the Argos, but only one team showed up for the Grey Cup.

With as bad as the officiating was, only one team needed to show. Congrats to the CFL for hiring the NFL replacement officials to ensure the Assholenauts won the 100th Grey Cup.

Oh please. Officiating was fine. The better team today won.

Wow! Just wow! C'mon people. The Argos came with the 'A' game today! Calgary could have played better, sure, but lets give credit where credit is due.

100 percent correct. Every team has a bad game, Calgary had theirs today. Argos were indeed the better team.

Congrats to TO!

…Kevin Glenn played like he did for us and the Cats…Where the qb. Kevin Glenn goes, when everything is on the line, is a mystery…Can’t take anything away from Ray and the Argos…They deserved the win BUT the Stamps were really out gunned at the qb. position…Back to next year country :expressionless:

Calgary gifted this one to the Argo's. Glenn on the handoff and the pick 6 were killers. Dickenson made some terrible play calls. That reverse on second down, when they were at the 5 yardline was silly. The endzone is 20 yards , throw it, somebody will be open. All Toronto had to do, was stay out of the way and Ray would steady the ship. Congrats Toronto, hope this leads to a stronger fan base?

So Mr. Conspiracy, where was the officiating help all season when the Argos were the most penalized team in the league by a country mile.

dcmoses, you said it perfectly, how does the most penalized team in the league all of a sudden become perfect and not receive any calls against them???

I am not saying Calgary deserved the win, but it would be nice to know who would win a fairly reffed game...

On a catch that goes out of bounds, you have to MAINTAIN CONTROL to the GROUND, something that the Argos did not do at the end of the second quarter.

The last play of the second quarter, CFL math is 1 push + 1 pull + 1 trip = no penalty

Nic Lewis gain had a horse collar and a face masking that was not called

The Chad Owens return at the end of the game was definitely not NO YARDS and in comparison to any of the tackles made by the argos was not a horse collar, it was all right shoulder pad.

Taylor punt return, give me a break, raymond touches a shoulder AFTER Taylor is 3 yards past the Argo player.

I know penalties were missed the other way, but overall, the reffing was a joke and NOBODY can deny that.

This was Kevin Glenn's career in a nutshell. Great game followed by an awful one.

Just like last years' playoffs.

First off I just want to say that I too feel that the CFL needs to do something about the officiating, HOWEVER if you watch carefully, Inman has control of the ball, then reaches for the goaline, then the ball comes out when he is out of bounds. Right call was made on that play.

The Taylor TD that was called back was the right call. In fact, there were a few more that shoudl have been called back due to blocking from behind/holding.

Owens WAS horse callered and thrown into the bench.

wow had a few two many?

go to sleep

only a mental midget who has sufffered "one too many hits to the head" insults dave dickenson.

greenandwhite, take a closer look at the poster.

Joined tonight + 1 post and leaving = TROLL

Or the weaksauce PI call on Ahmad Carroll. He gave Maurice Price a love tap and the refs spotted the Stamps their biggest game of the night. Unfortunately, Calgary was too inept and had to settle for a FG.

Anybody who thinks the refs played a factor in this game is delusional. The argos were the best team tonight. In fact, I'd argue they were the only team.

Credit were credit is due. Taylor showed up tonight. One man does not make a team, but over 200 return yards! How dangerous would Calgary have been had the offense taken advantage of it.

I am not sure what came you were watching, but the refs were about the only factor in the game. They did not make bad calls one way, they were bad all around. The PI call on Carroll was a brutal call and looked like a total make up call for all the crap that had already gone down. The CFL needs to have consistency across the board, as now there are penalties on 75% of the plays and the calls are far from consistent.