Calgary gets dumped! (McMahon Stadium Sept. 10)

it's going to be a long rough winter...

I would really like to see this global warming they keep promising us! The 5 minute drive to work took over an hour this morning!

The scary part for the west this is not even early.

Wow is right! Another long cold winter coming up. :o

So glad I'm back in southern Ontario. Did 3 winters in Moose Jaw and 2 1/2 in Halifax and I'll take the relatively mild southern Ontario winter any year.

:cowboy: There goes Calgary's Grey Cup run hopes. Cannot pass nor run in the snow. Home field advantage gone. :rockin:

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool

That’s it TB, keep sticking your neck out with outrageous predictions , just remember, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we all know what happens to turkeys on Thanksgiving :lol:

And we are 24C with humidex expected to hit 30C by this afternoon before thunderstorms roll in here in Hamilton. Enjoy the white stuff Calgary.

Yup. We get everyone to reduce their carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gasses, and what happens? Instant ice age. D'oh!

OK, everyone. Time to go outside and idle your car and run your lawnmowers - or your snowblowers, if you're in Calgary.

Global warming? Bring it on!


Wow !!!!! Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow :lol: Crazy weather for sure,the Argos are going to be asking for the dome to be closed on the stadium :roll: :lol: Good Luck with that one boys !! The Cat's played a game in the snow in Calgary in 2012 but that was on Oct 20th close to a month after when this game will be played.I remember the game well,it turned out to be a typical crazy high scoring exciting affair(remember those games?)that the Cats lost 34-32 on a botched FG in the snow when holder Fantuz bobbled the snap in the snow and Congi couldn't get off the attempt for what would have been the winning fg.

Lucky buggers. I maybe heading out on a canoe trip in a few hours from now, but I have a new pair of skate skies I’m anxious to try out. Hope that’s a sign of things to come. Artic vortex, bring it on. :thup:

Holy crapI Hilarious. I lived in Calgary for 7.5 years, and have seen some crazy weather, but nothing like that!

(When I first read the headline, I was thinking, did they just announce that McMahon was going to get dumped... as in, scrapped. If only. 8) )

Normally I'd say that the snow should give the Argos a better chance against the high-flying Stamps!

But then reality sets in and I realize we still won't win.


This snow might be long gone by kick-off time on Saturday and it will be as if this never happened.

Cmon, other than uncomfortable seats, the sun in you eyes, long waits for the bathroom, aging infrastructure and expensive beer, what is wrong with MacMahon?

It’s not just Calgary/Alberta that is getting premature snow (Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska as well) or other unusual inclement weather patterns…

[u]Wild weather roars across Midwest[/u]

[b]- A dangerous weather system featuring tornadoes, heavy rains, damaging winds and even some snow that swept across parts of the central U.S. on Tuesday threatened more problems Wednesday, forecasters said.

This afternoon, more scattered to numerous thunderstorms, some severe, are expected to develop near a cold front from the southern Great Lakes region southwestward into the mid Mississippi Valley and Ozarks, the Storm Prediction Center noted in an online forecast.

A tornado watch has been issued for much of Indiana and parts of Ohio and Michigan

Damaging winds will also be a threat this afternoon and early evening. Cities such as St. Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit and Cincinnati could all see severe weather Wednesday, AccuWeather predicts.
In Detroit, officials announced they would be dismissing classes at all schools two hours earlier than the scheduled bell times to ensure students and staff can get home safely.

Behind the severe weather, unusually chilly air is sweeping in, which is accompanied by some light snow in parts of Montana.
Rounds of snow will spread southeastward across a large part of Montana and into northern and western Wyoming, the Black Hills of South Dakota and part of the Nebraska Panhandle through Thursday, AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Lada reports.

Flooding also was reported Tuesday in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.[/b]

[url=] ... /15378461/[/url]

Yeah! this turkey has been getting the Presidential Pardon way too times!!! Do you get goose bumps when the guy is late?

:D :D :D

You do realize that higher levels of precipitation, and more violent precipitation is caused by global warming? I’m pretty sure I’m getting some portion of the science wrong, but here goes.

Far more of the Earth’s surface is water, and when things get warm, more evaporation occurs which in turn causes more precipitation. Now this causes more and thicker cloud cover, which in turn cools local air. You would think this would allow the planet to self regulate itself and cool our planet down on a wider scale, and it does to a degree, but sadly, I’m to understand that clouds don’t reflect enough heat back out to space for it to compete with the ever expanding greenhouse effect.

However, as stated, it does successfully cool local air where they are present, which in turn leads to more and more hot and cold zones. This is also due to global warming the areas not covered to warm quicker, and because evaporation isn’t an instantaneous process, more frequently the warm zones bump into larger cold zones, causing storms and much more brief but violent storms.

If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean, you can see the process at it’s finest as the sweltering hot heat and predominantly warm, shallow water of the Gulf of Mexico causes mass evaporation during the day (if not week) which then causes rain to be dumped, incredibly violently, typically around sunset due to the sudden cooling of air.

Now because we have a lot more of these hot and cold zones, from my understanding also wreaks havoc with the jet stream which tends to shift substantially more as a result of all these larger zones. This allows colder arctic air to creep further down then normal, and lead to dumping of snow much further south then it did when climate was more moderate. I believe it also causes issues with Ocean currents, as the cooling, and warming throws them out of whack, which also effects how the jet stream and evaporation patterns occur.

Bottom line, more frequent, violent and unseasonable weather IS a symptom of global warming, and more frequent, violent, and unseasonable weather wrecks havoc on agriculture. Also, just because it snowed for one day locally out of season where you are, isn’t proof that globally, temperature isn’t going up. It’s basically one region (or number) out of many regions whose temperature is added up and averaged for that day, over the year, etc etc.

I wanted to say this but you did it much :thup: better


I think you better do some research - there has been no warming since 2001 - check the temperature stats.
What happened to all of them hurricanes that Al Gore told us were supposed to form in the Caribbean after Katrina?
No major hurricanes again this year. The Gulf and Caribbean waters are warm but they are warm every year.
Arctic ice is melting but it melts every summer.
I remember in 1988 reading for the first time about global warming - front page of the Toronto Star showed a palm tree on the ST Lawrence river…lol the prediction was within 25 years there would be a significant warm up in Canada. Twenty five years later nothing has changed no warmer.
These activists cry “climate change” when we have record cold winter or early snows, they cry when we have a hot summer (which hasn’t happened for awhile)
It’s a billion dollar industry and the activists are taking advantage of it and won’t back down even when you show the evidence that the planet is not warming.

But getting back to the topic - looks like normal or just below normal temps for the Ticat game in Hamilton on Sunday 17c and overnight around 6c - fall is here and it’s not warm… :lol: