Calgary gets a THIRD jersey for LDC

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Today, the Calgary Stampeder Football Club turned another page in team history, unveiling their new third jersey. The third jersey remains prominently black with more red accents than previous years. The new look carries the same style and font as both the home and away Stampeder jerseys. This is the third design of the black jerseys, the first design was introduced back on September 6, 1994, as the Stampeders would defeat the Eskimos 48-15 in the Labour Day Battle. The Stampeders have worn their black jerseys on thirteen occasions, holding a 10-3 record which includes playoffs.


The Stampeders have donned their special game day black uniforms thirteen times in history (only nine regular season games). The last time they wore their black jerseys in a regular season action was October 16, 2004 at home against the Toronto Argonauts. The Stamps would come out on top winning the game 29-11. The first time the Stamps wore the black jerseys with black pants was on October 18, 2002 at home vs. the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The longest winning streak in the black jerseys was 9 straight, which ended at the 2000 West Final. In 1999 on October 24th against the first place B.C. Lions the Stampeders warmed-up in their traditional home red jerseys. After warm-ups the new (2nd version) black jerseys were introduced to start the game. The team retires the 2nd version with a 3-3 record as the 1st version was given to the 1998 championship team after they defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The first time the original black jerseys were unveiled was on Labour Day 1994.

I think every team should have 18 jerseys (one for each regular season game). Play-off jerseys can feature special patches sewn on for potentially 3 more jerseys. Anyone who doesn't buy them all isn't a real fan.

I hate the gun logos! if that doesn't promote gun violonce, I don't know what does!!!

looks like the Stamps are hearding in the same direction as the Flames! adupting stupid second logos!

Actually, the Stamps' second logo came out in 1994 - well before the Flames' second logo.
I don't see how a pair of crossed pistols promotes gun violence ... if there's anything that promotes gun violence, it's the US ... :wink:
And in any case, most teams have secondary logos.

Those black Stampeder jerseys look HORRIBLE! Always have, always will. They totally clash with the white pants and red helmets - they look like a team that couldn’t decide on a color scheme.

What the heck is wrong with their red uniforms, anyways? Those look good. They should never deviate from those.

Is it just me or do those jerseys look exactly the same as one they already have?

--Are you joking Kanga-Kucha?? What are you, 90 years old? The guns represent Calgary's Western, cowboy roots. Which is why they are old-West style dueling pistols. Haha how in the world does that promote violence?? And they didnt just come out with that logo. They've had in on their black jerseys for 11 years now. Have you not noticed this until right this second?

--They wear black pants when they wear the black jersey. I think it looks great with Calgary's deep red helmets. The jersey's not the best; I think our black ones from last year were better. But I dont have any complaints.

I love the 3rd jerseys. Bought one this afternoon.

And Kanga, I got nothin' but love for ya, but, you can dis' the Hitmen, you can dis' the Roughnecks and you can even dis' the Stamps, but never......eeeevvvvveeeerrrrrr.......EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEERRRRRRRR dis' the Calgary Flames! And Edmonton Oilers fans will cry when they see what the Flames will do to their team this year.

(I'm just teasing Kanga)

Personally, I wouldn't dis the Hitmen because of their "lineage". Heck, I even confess to owning one of their original design black jerseys.. when they still used PINK. When it came to those jerseys, they're "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be" (and yes, I plan on ordering the 3-disc DVD when its released in November)

I support every Calgary team. I loved the Cannons (God I miss that team!), I was proud of the Roughnecks when they won the whole thing, and the Flames are the greatest hockey team to ever lace up a pair of skates, but I got turned off of the Hitmen after their run to the Memorial Cup. I'll admit the Flames stunk, but everyone is Calgary was Hitmen this, Hitmen that. The Hitmen could be the Calgary Flames anyday. I got so sick of the Hitmen. It was great to have a winning hockey, but the Hitmen could never, ever have beaten the Flames that year, period. And to make it even more sicking was the garbage about those kids playing because they loved it, and the Flames were greedy millionaires. I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but those kids in Jr. Hockey know exactly what is waiting for them if they have great Jr. careers..$$$$$$$$.

I guess that explains why Bret got out of the team and the Flames ended up taking over ownership.

Ekiejebus are you one of those guys in the cfl commercial that is designing uniforms just wondering which one is you.

Yeah, jsut what Calgary needs, black jerseys and black pants both with red accents. Why do we want to look like Ottawa?? I totally hate 3rd jerseys and never liked Calgary's (or any other teams....we other than Montreal's, the 3rd Blue ones look great, much like the old Allouette unis of the '70's...hated the black ones they used to have)

Stampsrock are you the other guy in that commercial!

Only been a fan for a year. Other things can represent the West besides guns, like a Cowboy Hat or that second horse logo. The duns was a bad idea and are really distastful in this day and age.

It's just absoulte crap, peroid!

and abou the Flames, they were a great team, but since they adouted that stupid horse logo wih Flames coming out of it's nose, they have gone down hill ever since!

Hmmm. . .first time I've heard that the success of a team depends upon the popularity of its logo.

The image of a gun does not promote violence. I see no issue with this.

So, let me get this straight, Kanga. . .you state repeatedly that you love this game, but so far you want to change the playing rules, change the league size (drastically, I might add - think I recall you stating you'd like to see upwards of 20 teams sometime in the future. . .)), change the team names, make the halftime shows American performers, change the team logos. . .did I miss anything? Maybe you should take some time to appreciate all things good and Canadian in this CANADIAN game, and quit dreaming of what it could be with you at the helm. Either that, or go create your own league. Quit changing ours.

Chage the rules: One major chage (but not really a big deal), the other are minor
Chage the League size: Just a pipedream, I'll be fine with 10
Chage the team names: Well, somewhat, an Eskimo fan pointed out to me that the nickname isn't offensive, but I still like my nickname better, but would I chage it offically? NO!!!!!!!!!
Make the Halftime Show american perfomers: OK! I just said "DON'T CLOSE YOURE SELFS OFF TO FORENRE PREFROMERS!!!" I in no way said to have american perfomers over Canadian ones, the only guy I "suggeted" derectly was an Australian! Canadians should take presedent over others, but don't close off to them! I then suggested Micheal Buele, if you forgot! Not that it really matters anyway.
Change the teams logos: Some logos rock! (Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Edmonton) and some just suck (Hamilton (I don't like the new logo, sorry), Calgary, and somewhat Ottawa and BC (I'm a fan of the paw, would make a great primary logo)) however all leagues are like that! example, the NHL.

if I chose to jugre a team on it's logos, it's my right. if you don't like what I say or believe it, fine but for god sake, listen to me! but if you don't want to, Walk away and leave me and my soap box alone! m'k!

I'd like to see the league epand the rosters of all teams when there are ehough Canadian and Import players to do so.

The League's logo is awesome! the west divions logo's color sucks! cuz it makes the CFL seem a bit like the NFL and just isn't original for me, but I can live with this, I already have a "green" logo I made myself.

I list all the things I love abou this league

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers: gives Winnipeg a pro team, not to meation Hamilton and Saskatchewan
  2. Cross Over: lets a team with a better record into playoffs regradless for divion.
  3. No Yards Rule: Much better than the FC! now that I uderstand it, I LOVE IT!
  4. SINGLES!: GOD, I LOVE THE SINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will beat the shit out of anyone who wants to see that rule be though out!
  5. Three downs instead of 4: I also beat anyone who wants to chage to 4.
  6. one timeout instead of three
  7. Three minute warings and they don't run the clock or take too much time
  8. Defensive linemen line up 1 yard opposite the line of scrimmage prior to a play: I love this becase it gives the linemen more momenton
  9. all offensive backfielders and receivers, except the quarterback, are allowed unlimited motion provided that they remain more than one yard behind the line of scrimmage: this comes up with unique plays and I love that
  10. Soltbacks are awesome!
  11. Players look fit to play, unlike the NFL which look like overweigh guys who can't run and if they do, they kil over and die!
  12. 20 second clock, instead of 45 secords which is WAY too long!
  13. Rugby size Field
  14. Quick Kicks, AKA drop punts, I LOVE THOSE!

Shall I go on?!?

I'm a CFL fan, though and though, I don't care what anyone says, I love this league, and all my chages that I say I think could make it better, not worse. am I a lesser a fan of it?!?

I think NO!!!!

Long live the CFL!!!!

what! the flames were in the stanley cup finals last time there was hockey. too bad they lost to tampa gay. but anyway. back to football. the guns logo kicks @$$. i liked the old black jersey, but the new one is okay 2.