Calgary Game

I know this has been discussed before so don’t get all pissy with me. i just can’t find the old thread. way back on the old board i was talking to someone about the calgary game on the 29th. I will be going to that game any body else??? i am flying out the morning of the 29th i am sitting in section K row 13 in calgary. flying westjet will be wearing white MAAS jersey.

I'll be giving away Forbidden Website buttons.

Anyone know anything about the general admission seats at McMahon?

id love to go.. but i dont make enough money to travel haha

I will be going. Section O, i think row 10 seat 6 or row 6 seat 10. Guess I will have to see when i get there. Will have a white Barrenechea jersey.
Flying out the 25th and back the 3rd (also westjet).
Will be great to get back out there, especially sicne i will be moving there (hopefully permenantly) in november.

I'll be going if the flight is on time. I was going to Alberta anyway and noticed the game was on the 29th. Our flight leaves here at 3:00 and gets in around 5:30. We are heading into the mountains and the stadium is on the way out.

Game starts probably 7 -7:30, get tickets on the way in and boo yah away we go!!

Here is the problem, I am bringing my 16 month old daughter. Do I really want to have McMahon Stadium as her first CFL experience.

I'll be the guy with the 69 jersey on and bags under his eyes, with hopefully a beer in hand.

By the way, I lived out west for a while and even have a Stamps Flutie jersey (which I won't be wearing), its one of the best stadiums I have been to and the have the CFL's best PA guy!


I'll hopefuly be there, section C if we do go

section k is deep in the end zone, not great seats but atleast you will be there. We sit is section f on the east side

theres always about a 500 walk up seats for any game in the endzone

Hey I'll be there too. Got some cheap seats (I forget what section though.. doesn't matter, it's fun no matter where you sit). I've got long hair and will be wearin a white #42 Hitchcock jersey and a Ti-Cats helmet. Say hi if you see me!

:D I can't wait! Just got the tickets in the mail and a new white HOLMES jersey

Whether its victory or defeat on Thursday could be decided by this motley group of 13th men/women. Good luck, and play safe!!

I will be there in section D row 48 .
I will be wearing either a white 88 or gold ( if i get my bday present early ) 88 jersey . Not hard to miss as i am 6'4'' 300 ! Ready to play if they need me !!
McMahon stadium has lots of tailgate parties so i will we wandering around a bit causing friendly trouble :cowboy:

kick there ass seabass,

All hail the Forbidden Website. I'm bringing a posse of 11.

If you behave during the Ticat victory on Thursday, mebbe they’ll even allow you to post a pic or two for the folks back home?

Hey sweet! I'm two rows in front of you. Say hi.