Calgary game.

Just want to say well done winning against Calgary. Restored my faith that were headed in the right direction despite some bumps in the road. :smiley:

For sure. It showed we can beat anyone if we just try and don’t play stupid. I don’t care how we win and at the end of the year there is no stat that points out the other team could have won. Only a W or an L. We got two points, they didn’t.

I started thinking about it and the team stayed in the GTA after the Ham game instead of flying home. Probably had a little too much fun in Toronto in the days leading up to the Argo match. It happens in other locales and sports too. Mont and LA come to mind…I really wonder if the team saves by not going home and paying for hotels and food for several days rather than a 2 hour flight.

Anyone coming off four days rest, playing with the backup quarterback, and no run game.

For sure it was a big win but looking only at who won doesn’t really tell the whole story of the game.

Just saying.

Yeah a win is a win.

Agreed , it’s 2 points and in an important game to claim first. I think as Bomber fans we are a bit of a cranky, nervous group after so many Cupless years. But there is a solution to that.?

Calgary perspective copied from the CFL Horseman forum.

Will have to copy and paste if anyone is so inclined.

A couple of comments on the article:
I think everyone here agrees it wasn’t the best game from the Bombers
He as others have point out that it was only our special teams that won the game.Football requires all 3 facets . Special teams is as important the rest…He makes a point that the two returns cost them the game ,almost as an excuse but so what ?
Other than that I don’t think many would argue the article.I have thought from the start the Stamps were still in the running, as have most

It is all correct BUT it is all excuses. If the shoe was on the other foot, would anyone be making excuses ? I know I wouldn’t…I don’t blame the sked, the refs, the injuries or the freckles on the cheerleaders. I blame the team for losses and that includes the coaches…Instead of wondering why a team lost maybe we should be wondering why a team didn’t win. There is a difference and one of them doesn’t have any excuses.

Agreed ! Since there’s no like button I will give you one of these. ?.

…Very true Dan…AND we won’t win if we continue to depend on one man to do it all for us…and that individual is Andrew Harris…I don’t know if it’s Lapo and the play calling …Nichols…or the execution or all three…What I do know is that we have to diversify the offence to include a lot more than Andrew…I’d think that with all of the tools and talent we have at our disposal, our offence would include more than check downs to Harris…Some say if it’s working …so what///I say what if we lost our very gifted running back to injury…what response would we have when hardly anyone else on offence is seeing the ball…Okay we have a very good back waiting in Augustine…BUT he’s no Harris…Beyond that our game has to include someone who can stretch the field…I see very little of that and with a player like Mathews in the lineup it seems a little strange…Wolitarsky doesn’t see enough of the rock…Demski also…I don’t know what happened to Petermann …Lawler catches one and disappears…Lucky Whitehead was wide open on a couple of occasions and what’s the call…check down to Harris…Not enough variety in the play calling for sure and if it’s not corrected how long before teams clue in that we are and continue to be a one man show on offence…We have a game coming up against the toothless Leo’s…time to start putting in plays that include a lot more on offence…This team can be a Cup winner if we can accomplish that…With a D that is very formidable and achieving a very varied potent offence, this club can win it all…Tweaking needed…My 2 cents

That would be my worry as well papa

Can’t you guys just enjoy the win for once. Calgary should have lost by more and got lucky. Remember Matt throwing a long pass into the endzone right in receivers hands and was bobbled going out of bounds and caught. It should have been caught in bounds for the score. Also lots of excuses by a Calgary reporter. Big deal they lost.

That would be the worry of any team in the cfl…

No Kidding. I can’t believe we got a rare win vs the Stamps, and still fans have to find something to be critical about.
We got BC next week and a great chance to go 7-2 on the season, 5-0 at home, and keep the best record in the league.

Lose that game, then critisism is fair.

Enjoy a winning season guys! The real games don’t matter for another month!

Lucked out on the Grant fumble at the 20 by not giving up points on a underthrown pass by the backup quarterback.

Four days rest on the road with one practice. Bombers with a week off and three full practices sitting at home didn’t even cover the spread never mind almost losing the game.

You are going off like they won the world championship.

Just because someone has concerns about something that worked out good but wasn’t really perfect you jump all over them and call them negative. We are not negative. We are concerned Bomber fans.

Like what was just mentioned about Andrew Harris being 40% of the offence with no one behind him. Oh yeah, Johnny Augustine!

Back in the day with Willard Reaves pounding the ball 300 times per year there were six other weapons and a quarterback that used them. Give me any mid 80’s Bomber team lineup and you won’t hear a word.

Good discussion right now on the WBB forum about the overly positive and the perceived overly negatives. Truth generally lies somewhere in the middle.

Deja vu all over again with BC on the road coming in on 4 days rest with a QB dealing with an ankle sprain.

Bombers should win.

Pointing out all the mistakes that Cal made as a means for the Bomber’s win is a two way street and the reciprocal should be mentioned. Dropped balls that could’ve should’ve. Injuries. Too long of a stretch between games. I can make up excuses for the Bomber’s poor play too. It means nada. We won.

Now, being critical is another thing altogether. Some of us see the good but know we can be better. Right now the O is being carried by the D and ST. That’s all. It will come about. As a fan I HAVE to believe that. Thank God we have Andrew Harris.

That’s right Dan. I don’t see any of us thinking we’re unbeatable…and we haven’t fired on all cylinders yet. Bottomline though, we’re 6-2. Whatever happened (or didn’t happen) in those previous 7 games is behind us.

I don’t know how many times in the past we put in good efforts and lost the game…no one cares about that stuff at the end all that matters are the W/L’s and we’re 6-2.

Once we get healthy and go on a roll, look out.

…I thought 6 plus 2 was eight…Anyhooooooo…You’re right about not firing on all cylinders…Hopefully a game plan and execution in the future will allow us to do just that…We shall see…Opportune time coming up against the lifeless Leo’s…I just hope we don’t think it will be just a cakewalk…cuz that’s when we run into problems

Haha… yes, 8 games.

I doubt the BC game will be the “complete effort” game either, but I do expect a win.
I could care less though how that happens…by 1 point or 20, big ground game or in the air.

Only thing that matters to me this year is getting 1st place and home field in Nov for the West Final.