calgary game on sunday offically a sellout

Anouced today in the calgary sun this sundays game between the saskcehwen roughriders and the calgary stamperders is a sell out 35,000.Isen't funny how calgary gets 35.000 sold before we do , and we had an extra 2 weeks to sell our tickets/We do have a much bigger stadium. But that is what excellent marketing does, apparently they had a hudge pep rally downt town all week and advertising thier game in the paper (full page) all week.I guess the flames are not playing so well either, that helps, but our canucks are not to much better right now either.But i think it comes down marketing.Way to go calgary, the rest of the cfl should learn from this,this is how the nfl do it.I still think the lions will get close to 50,000.Ps I think the argo game will be at least 30,000,if they are lucky,does anybody know how montreal is doing? Isen't funny right know as i am typing this that the team 1040 is talking nfl.shows were there priorites are.

Seen that before, the snow will fall they will all stay home and watch on tv. Only reason sell out is possible is because of the Sask transplants. Dont compare Calgary to hear, too different markets. And by the way Seattle never sold out games till last year so they had to advertise up here and pillage our fans. Funny how they dont advertise season tickets or single tickets now they have sold out. Funny how they ingnore Canada now. Enjoy your postage stamp game. I say 33,000 in Calgary. Where do you get these numbers from?

Half of Calgary is from Saskatchewan, so it doesn't surprise me that the WDSF is sold out. I've been to 'Rider games in Calgary where the ushers and concessions people were openly rooting for Saskatchewan.

'Riderville' is a problem for the CFL in that a lot of these people aren't really football fans, they're "Saskatchewan" fans, and they only show up when the 'Riders are playing.

I agree bear604, its really anoying. Everybody else conforms when they move to other CFL cities, but for some reason Sask doesnt do that. But no worries all Calgary has to do is win and they wont be very noisy will they? lol Be proud of where you live, not always where you came from....Or something like that.

'Riderville' is a problem for the CFL in that a lot of these people aren't really football fans, they're "Saskatchewan" fans, and they only show up when the 'Riders are playing.
I agree bear604, its really anoying. Everybody else conforms when they move to other CFL cities, but for some reason Sask doesnt do that.
I moved to edmonton 3 years ago and in that times I have only missed 3 games at commonweath. I support the CFL 100% and I'm a true loyal Rider fan always! Maybe the CFL would be better off if other teams had fans like the Rider Nation. If the western semi or the western final was at Taylor Field it would sell out in 2 days not in 2 weeks. I also laugh at the fact it takes Rider fans to sell out your teams stadiums. I'm going to Calgary Sunday and can't wait to watch some great football. Go Riders Go :rockin:

I received some encouragement to comment here, so I will.
I actually don’t think any fans “conform” to another team just because they relocate. At least if they do, I would question whether they were really fans in the first place.
The Rider fans in question are just as valuable “CFL” fans as any others. Just because they don’t all become season ticket holders in their new city does not mean they are not CFL fans. It just means they are loyal to the Riders, and can’t justify paying 400 dollars a year to cheer for the refs…
I think the fans in Vancouver and Calgary had better look in the mirror before accusing Rider fans of being some kind of a problem.
When the Lions sell out without any Rider fans in attendance, those Rider fans will just have to watch on TV, won’t they?

As for how noisy Rider fans will be after the game Sunday, I’ll wager if we win or lose, we’ll be very noisy.
If the Stamps lose, their fans will dissappear.
One thing you can count on is, win or lose, Rider fans support their team.

'Nuff said.

I think all those "partime" fans will be buying tickets now so all the fairweather/partime Lions fans will be out of luck.

'Nuff said.

If Sask is so great why arent all you guys out there huh? Ya, who puts food on your table,B.C. This is where the work, this is the community you live in.B.C. You chose to come out here, you could have stayed there. I'm ok with the fans traveling from out of town for a road game. You can tell those guys from the up to date jerseys and stuff. The closet riders the last couple of years will pull out their lancaster and jurisen jerseys and finally put money into the economy so dont talk to B.C. or Calgary about having good fans. They only sell out taylor field once a year. Oh and by the way I'm going to look up the attendance of your last playoff game, wayyyyyy back. 1988. Thats how much your team cares about you guys. 'Nuff said

No, in the hard, cold business sense, it would be worse.

Imagine if you're someone in Vancouver or Toronto who's never been to a CFL game and you're convinced by your friends to come see the home team play. You enter the stadium, and half the building if not more is wearing the visiting teams colours, severely inebritated and is loudly and aggressively trying to drown out the home team's supporters. Would you be inclined to come back?

'Rider Nation' is lightning in a bottle. Saskatchewan generates a lot of national media attention because pretty much the entire national sports media has interned there at one point or another in their careers, but the cult-like following doesn't do anything to attract fans in markets where the bulk of potential ticket/TV/sponsorship money is.

the best thing that the lions happend to them is getting sask come here and play.

if all the other teams fans were like sask, then maybe it would all equal out, but once you have grown up in sask you understand why we stick by our riders no matter what. we are not bandwagon jumpers, cause it is the way in sask, and we support our own. and if ya want proof look at the accident the moose jaw warrior got in and how we raised money so his family could stay with him without having to pay out of their pockets to visit him while in the hospital

You Guy's are great, bc has come a long way of supporting the lions averging over 31,000 a game this year.where about 5 years ago the lons we averging about 17,000 a game.but you are right if the rest of the cfl (exspecally toronto, vancouver,)was to follow sask example of loyalty, the cfl would be very very strong league, and you would not have had ottawa drop out, because of fan support.But lets give them credit, the cfl has come along way .Come you guys let sell bc place out ,

I think the word you're looking for is "convert", and somebody would have had to convert at some point in history, otherwise everyone would be rooting for the same team. One team does not a league make.

One of these years, Saskatoon might get their own CFL team: will anyone who switches from the 'Riders not be considered a 'real fan'?

While the people of Saskatchewan certainly display a lot of genorosity and community spirit, I’m not sure Don Matthews or Henry Burris would believe the “no matter what” when it comes to sticking with the Roughriders. It’s like “Once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo” in reverse.