Calgary game in Edmonton next week

Anyone have any thoughts on what to expect ?

Let’s hope the rivalry gives Calgary motivation to win this game . Also , lot of these guys are old buddies of Burris that will put in a good game . Also TATE is helathy now and looking to impress while Glenn is looking to fend him off …

Let’s hope Calgary puts in a good game friday night in Edmonton

It will only matter if we win in Toronto on Thursday so either way that should be a good game .

If Hamilton wins on Thursday, there are reasons to be optimistic for making the playoffs. Drew Tate and Kevin Glenn are competing for a playoff start, Cornish needs 50 yards rushing to break Kwong's record for most rushing yards by a Canadian in a single season, Lewis has a chance to lead the league in receiving yards, Calgary wants to finish strong going into the playoffs, and Calgary would love to crush Edmonton's playoff hopes. However, Edmonton still has a lot more to play for than Calgary. It should be interesting.

Calgary is ALWAYS up for a game with Edmonton! :smiley:

Not that we really “want” to help Hamilton, but we would LOVE to knock Deadmonton out of the playoffs!


Hamilton must win and Edmonton lose in order for Hamilton to qualify for the playoffs. Currently, Edmonton is the coldest team losing 6 of 8 games in second half of season while BC and Calgary are the hottest teams.

How ironic, our playoff life could come down to the performance of Kevin Glenn

Yeah, don't forget that Edmonton knocked Calgary out of the playoffs last year. You have to figure they would love to return the favour if given the opportunity.

Glenn will sit and Tate will play.

Its a really great point, even assuming Calgary plays their backup guy we're still getting a viable QB. I seem to recall a game during the McManus-Lancaster era where another team got wiped when we played Ledbetter for the final game. As far as routing for a team with nothing to play for goes, we're in good shape.

It was already affected by the performance, or lack thereof, of Sandro DeAngelis, taking away our chance for second place.

Looks like Glenn and Tate with both play, this is good for us, both want to perform and be the guy !

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Did you see how Nicoles played! Don't count Edmonton out. If he started the game against the Als, they would have won.

So I think that the Ticats getting into the play-offs is still wishful thinking. Sorry.

In case you missed it in the other thread, Nichols won't be starting against the Stamps, so how he played against Montreal is meaningless. If he's not going to play, it doesn't matter how he played today.

Also, saying they would have won if he started is counterfactual. If Nichols were the starter, the game doesn't play out the same way. You can't say that the Eskimos would have won because of how he played in one quarter. You change one thing, you change everything.

Stick a fork in em'.
Mangement sucks, coaching sucks, players suck & stadium sucks.
The best thing about the Cats is the fans.

You are just a glowing ray of sunshine to read on a lovely rainy Monday morning. :roll:

Actually most of the fans suck.

PS. See what the return of a few healthy vets can do for a team?? Also as much I didn't like Cortez this year, practicing outdoors in the horrible weather obviously paid off.

There are reports coach John Hufnagel may use Friday’s contest as an audition for the starting job come playoff time and both could see playing time.

That could be good news for Hamilton.

“They’ve got two quarterbacks out there wanting to be the starter, so I imagine they’ll both be wanting to play well,? Cortez said.

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What they have in Edmonton this week are raging fires of discontent: Why did head coach/offensive co-ordinator Kavis Reed wait until Joseph hurt his hand before going to Nichols against Montreal? Didn’t Reed see how his side was being out-quarterbacked by Anthony Calvillo...And who should start in the regular-season ender for Edmonton, assuming the Eskimos absolutely, positively have to win that night to get into the playoffs?

Based on what he did in Montreal – 230 yards passing and three touchdowns in one quarter – Nichols will get plenty of consideration. If Joseph starts, he’ll play with the shortest leash imaginable. Adding to the overall degree of difficulty is the fact the Eskimos have lost two key players to injuries, left offensive tackle Orrin Thompson and defender Rod Williams, and have just four days to prepare for Calgary.

It’s a rough road for the Eskimos, and they’re down to their last option.

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Nichols looked very good that's for sure. I can imagine there is a lot of discontent out there in Edmonton.

Talk alll you want about Tate vs Glenn but I think M.Nichols is the wild card here. If he gets in the game, and can move the ball against Calgary like he did in TO, our win on Thursday may mean nothing.

Agreed. (You meant Montreal, right?)

But also keep in mind that Montreal's D is 6th, while Calgary's is 3rd, and...

... that Calgary has scored more points that any other team, even Hamilton, and their hungry, auditioning QB's will be facing the league's 4th ranked D.

Discontent in Edmonton. Fighting for top job in Calgary. I see a lot of reasons for positivity in Hamilton, never give up on your team. We're still in this.