Calgary Game A Black Mark on the CFL

actually, what I am saying is that I am pissed off Calgary didnt win because I want Toronto first in the east :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


lmao - motives uncovered...

You’re looking at this from a fan’s point of view; coaches and players view it differently. No one in a competitive sports environment cares about the impact the results of their game has on the fortunes of other teams in the league; they simply take the steps they think are necessary to put their team in the best position to win a champion – and so they should.

As for the “fans pay for and deserve 100% effort from the players all of the time? argument, there is some validity there but the over-riding truth is that teams that win championships usually have less trouble selling tickets than those that don’t. The Toronto Maple Leafs is probably the exception that proves the rule.

They didn't play Burris because he is dinged up.
Personally, I think he likely shouldn't have played last week.
But accusing Higgins of having the team lay down isn't fair.
I wonder if it was Wally's fault the Lions played so terrible last week?
The Lions clearly did not play to 100% of their ability.
Unfortunately, it happens.
Resting your starters in unimportant games also happens.
I personally don't like it, but I do understand why they do it.
I actually think it is usually a mistake when they do it, but it isn't a question of integrity.
And actually having a team lay down on purpose is very rare.
I can think of a couple of times.
But I highly doubt it was the case last night.

Okay, so should the unlikely happen. Edmonton knocks of BC this week end and Sask goes into the last weekend of the season 1 point out. Calgary starts sankey because the game means nothing. Are Sask fans going to be worse yet....what happens if Edmonton lays down to Sask would that piss BC off knowing they had to win to clinch....yes, if calgary didn't lay down for them.

you have to ask if Sask and Calgary were 2 points appart....would Burris have played...the answer is yes very likely....therefore with 3 games to go in the Season...they layed down....

Theres no guaruntee that they had an option of playing Burris and furthermore there is no guaruntee theyd entertain any better, much less win, with Burris behind the center. This is speculation but would you be a Toronto or Montreal fan?


Wheres that baloney picture when you need it!


Guy, guys, guys, Im seriously getting sick of the stupidity shown by some on these boards.

Fined for what????

Having a quarterback who came back after two weeks from a dislocated shoulder. Give him a break if it tightened up and was a little sore.

You expect us to throw him in on a miserable day, and perhaps lose him for the season???

Sorry aint happening.

All other things being equal, a healthy burris would have been a calgary win. For the whole first half at least, the win was there, except for sankey, like when he could have easily ran it in for a TD and did not. Not mention he only needed 4 yrds for the first down. Obviously, the guy plays clueless.

Dude Sankeys been here three weeks, he did fine. We couldnt stop the run and thats what killed us.

End of story.

oh bull, he has been playing ball long enough that he should know when he has a clear path to the endzone, or at least 4 yrds for a first. Thats game sense, has nothing to do with team familiarity. Same thing in other situations where he was completely unaware that a player from the other team was there, etc. Time afater time, he showed he had no awareness of how the play was unfolding.

I agree he should have seen the opening, but
he didnt, he focused on the pass.

It sucks, but what can i do.

On a positive, he was a 100 times better then Akili.

I miss how guys like dunigan and flutie seemed to have eyes in the back of their heads and usually knew when they were about to be hit. Sankey is total opposite.

He's no Doug flutie, thats for sure.

I miss those days as well.

I had season tickets through the whole Flutie/Pitts years. Talk about getting a bang for your buck. Unreal!

What I find funny is the bomber fan who seems sure that the Bombers would have lost if Burris had played...

I think it was smart of the Stamps to give Burris a game off, his left shoulder needs to be fully healed if he wants to be able to go 100% in the playoffs. Give Sankey the reps now when it doesn't mean too much, and have Burris ready for the semi.

I never think you can predict what might of happened.

must have missed something. What bomber fan do you refer to???


ahh yeah, I missed that one, heh heh