Calgary Game A Black Mark on the CFL

Calgary should be fined by the league. Last nights game was a disgrace to the league. 3 weeks left and they mail it in with their back up QB. What an absolute disgrace. Tom Higgins has no class or respect for the league.

They had nothing to gain by playing Burris and risked further injury for the playoffs

Are you serious? I dont believe that Burris is 100% healthy, so they are trying to make sure that he is ready for the playoffs which start in 3 weeks. There is nothing wrong with that, and to make that kind of an accusation is BS. Should the Bombers be fined after taking Roberts out of the game after he was hurt? This is your first post, and its a very lame one at that-- making sure that your #1 QB is healthy come playoff time is a legit reason to keep him out of the game. I'm assuming that you are a Bomber fan, so maybe you are lucky that he didnt play, because the Bombers would have lost if he did.

Doubt he’s a bomber fan, we can at least understand why Burris was out. I would like to ponder ‘what if’ burris played, just because honestly, once again bombers O didnt really step it hard until 4th. D did quite well, but thats not saying much considering Calgarys O line, and their, IMHO great D this game.

Unless a miracle happens, the Stamps will most likely finish in 3rd anyways so I think it was a good choice to rest Burris.

...i think Burris is not as close to a 100% as everyone likes to he was dumped a few times in the previous game that COULD have aggravated his condition...all in all, good move to sit him... :wink:

I wasn't aware there was a rule in place wherein a team must start their number one quarterback at all times when healthy...

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The only thing that is disappointing, is it demonstrates that the Calgary has no interest at all in helping out other teams by playing the spoiler role.

If Winnipeg, would have lost last night they could have ended up in 2nd place, by the end of the weekend.

Does Calgary tank again against another eastern team fighting for position. Or how about the last weekend of the season. If Edmonton or Hamilton happen to get lucky against BC. Calgary could be in the position of helping Saskatchewan out with a victory.

While the sceanario is interesting , its unlikely to happen, and I believe that Burris plays the last game of the regular season regardless, so he stays sharp heading into the playoffs.

Thank you Calgary :stuck_out_tongue:

If Burris is not injured it is beyond me why they would not still go for 2nd place. They still had a chance until Sask. won another game. I sure hope the Riders go for first as long as it is in their grasp.

Bristol, IF Burris wasn't recently injured, I think your concern would be quite valid - I note the furor that arises almost every year when at last one team does exactly what you are stating ... without the excuse of injuries. But with starting QBs going down like flies this year and the very real possibility that Burris really is not 100%, I kinda understand in this instance.

But hold your post a couple of weeks; it might be more legitimate very soon.

I should add that I don't think Calgary is faking it with Burris. While individual awards are not nearly as important as the team, Burris not playing has to have some impact on his ability to win the MOP - not a big factor directly, but he will have 300-400 fewer passing yards, x fewer touchdown passes because he didn't play. I don't think Calgary would put a potential stick in that wheel if they didn't have to.

...YES, ON BEHALF OF THE BOMBERS...thanx, my son will choke on the gift bestowed upon the BigBlue...but what the lol... and in the process the stamps also clinched a home field play-off game for the Riders....goBigBlue....first place in the east awaits.... :lol:

its called integrity and fairplay. Something I realize is not always at the top of profesional sports peoples lists, but........

Bottom line for me is, Burris or not, Higgins should have had his team and coaches give 100% effort to win the game, as much as any other game. I dont think he did. I think they took this game off as not being important enough to them.

So I suppose if 1st place is perceived to be out of reach, and Austin decides to start Crandell for the final two games of the season, that's unsportsmanlike? I doubt it.

I wonder how higgens would like it if BC and SASK took the next 2 weeks off against ED while the stamps lost to montreal.

last week of season, ed vs ham, cal vs BC. Suddenly things wouldnt look so good for higgins and co.

You can bet if BC and SASK rested starters and made a poor effort to win against the esks, Higgins would not be happy

they owe it to the quality of the league, and league integrity, to make the same effort to win every game, not matter the standings.

For one thing, If I am a paying fan, I expect my team to give 100% no matter what, just like I expect 100% effort to score on every offensive series, even if already leading by 100-0

So you're saying Sankey didn't play his all, then...I would doubt that.

It makes no difference who starts, in my opinion. Your backups are there because they are your fall-back guys...and there is nothing wrong with getting them some reps in the event that a starter goes down in the big game. It isn't unsportsmanlike - it's smart coaching.