Calgary free agents

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Dwight Anderson would look good as one of our corners.

Have you forgot the kind of player he was in Hamilton back in 07? He can make plays but he is 10 times the handful of Jimenez as far as lack of self control.

I'd take Anderson and Browner in a heartbeat.

I wouldn't take Anderson at all. We had him before; he was a problem child then and evidently stills is by his antics last Sunday.

Speaking of the comparison between him and Jimenez, I'd get rid of Jimenez too. I don't like ultra-dirty players or those who can't control their stupidity. I don't want them on my team.

The hit in the BC game when he first came back from injury was dumb and inexcusable. But since then, I haven't seen any ultra-dirty actions by him. Including in the semi-final after Foley tried to take out Glenn. It looked like he was considering retaliating - scanning the Argh-blows players, "taking the player's number" perhaps? - and then while Glenn was still on the ground, he was walking next to Foley, talking to him. But nothing came of it.

Maybe Bellefeuille read him the riot act after the BC game, and it sunk in?

That's one thing you can say about Bellefeuille, he seems to have taken the stupid out of some of our players. Seen any over-the-top TD celebrations from Bruce lately?

Calgary had lots of icidents this year where certain players acted like thugs and took dumb penalties, but they are great players, and that's sometimes the trade-off you must make if you want an elite team, rather than one that just makes it to the semi-final and flames out.

Your statements are true of most teams and while they did win the Grey Cup in 2008, the Stamps have flamed out 2 years in a row just like us. That being said, I would welcome back Anderson and pass on Browner.

No to Anderson.

He's got to grow up and act like a man first.

I agree that Marcel has done a good job on this front, among others. I think he's a very good coach and I am in favour of retaining him. Along with that, I respect whatever decision he makes about Jimenez and other players. He's the coach, decisions like this are his and Obie's.

For my part, I think Jimenez has proven himself to be a discredit to the game and I'd have cut him immediately after his dirty play on the BC player. I'm all in favour of second chances, just not so much third ones. To me, that doesn't mean two chances per team... if that was the case he'd merit 16 of them in an 8 team league. Two in a career is too many. I have no respect for him, or for egocentric nutbars like Anderson. We've had a few, and it's never to the detriment of the team to get rid of them.... Jason Lamar and Craig Yeast come to mind in recent years. There are plenty of good football players around who don't have the character of a snake.

But I'm not the coach.

Kirk I am Friend Dwight and he very Respectable ..
He great CB He suffers from Illness that went under medication he is fine.
His Family man and Welcome him back to Hammer with Open arms

It seems as if the refs are smartening up to Browner's clutch-and-grab nonsense. If he can't do that, he's not likely to be as effective as he has been in the past.

And regardless of what Anderson's "friends" on here think, I'd pass on him too.

what illness causes him to be a obnoxious s.o.b. who acts like a 2 year old?

Sorry if I've offended any 2 year old out there.

The "I think i'm better than everybody else" syndrome, commonly found in players such as Casey Printers, Dwight Anderson, Randy Moss, Chris Pronger, etc.