Calgary flooding - could Jun 28 BC@CGY be in jeopardy?

...question it from the reality that hotel/motel rooms are really scarce right now

..the good news is water levels are dropping, at 09:00 the Elbow's flow rate was down from 700 c.m./s. to 550 c.m./s (normal flow is 175 c.m./s.) and the Bow's flow rate has also dropped from 1800 c.m./s. to 1700 c.m./s. (normal, I think, is around 500 c.m./s.)...some neighbourhoods are seeing evac orders lifted and while this is encouraging the fact is that major areas of downtown won't be open for 2 to 3 days....the other major issue is, for all you hydraulic fans out there, is because the Bow's flow rate is so much more than the Elbow at some point the Elbow will begin flowing backwards..go figure that one out

...the Saddledome is toast, water filled the lower bowl to anywhere from the 10th to 14th row...the dressing rooms, media rooms, electrical rooms and refrigeration equipment are all submerged and the jumbotron is wrecked...while this will probably spur on talks for a new arena right away I don't know how they get ready fro the NHL in like 10 to 12 weeks...McMahon is safe and sound, her sister arena is for all intents and purposes dead...

...but that is only entertainment, the real hurt is hundreds upon hundreds of damaged homes, many of which are not insured for flood if you want to volunteer in any capacity

I tweeted to the Stamps earlier this afternoon asking if the game next week is still on. They said yes.

To be fair, the Red River flooding is an annual thing, and Winnipeg back then was starting to look like the equivalent of Elbonia every spring, so they had no choice by to construct the sluiceway (I’ve seen it, a truly unappreciated engineering marvel). This is the first time Calgary has had this level of flooding. I’ve been watching the Calgary local channels and they were getting levels of rain that were unprecedented (200mm in one area!) The only time we had that much rain in Southern Ontario was in 1954 with Hurricane Hazel and we had a similar level of destruction (though many more deaths, 81 in total). Construction of more dams might be a more economical use of funds. It’s helped the spring flooding problems we had here in on the Grand River and should be sufficient for the normal flooding problems experienced in Alberta. Constructing for a once in a century problem is probably not the best way to go…

Not to dispute what you're saying DE but Wpg is in a 50 year flood plain, 1997 was a 1 in 100 year flood, we are no longer seeing historical trends though, hard to say what the future will bring.

[Any great difficulty or obstacle] This flood is very terrible and devastating; there is fear around this occurrence too.
All the best in wellness to everyone…

If the Stampeders say the game is on, that is probably that then. We'll see on Friday night.

At least the worst is over - the city can start recovering now.

It would be cool if someone could sponsor a channel cat fishing tournament in the flooded out hockey arena. That would be the silver lining in the disaster. it would be cool to see people thinking they're hauling in a huge fish, only to find out it's just a wad of wet paper towels that floated out of the restrooms and got hooked.

Maybe it's possible to hook a wet and carelessly discarded popcorn cardboard box that was wedged between two seats prior to the flooding.

Two thing you can bank on:

  1. The game will be played at McMahon and I will be in my seat.
  2. They will conduct some kind of fundraising effort for those affected by the floods. Dig deep. (I also expect that Edmonton will do something as well, rivalries are put aside at times like this.)

Why not have the Calgary and BC fans walk over to the flooded out hockey arena prior to the football game and have a fishing tournament to raise money for the area?

Long walk, they are about 5 miles (9K) apart, I don’t think either of the B.C. fans could walk that far. :cowboy:

What, you mean other than the obvious health and safety concerns with an idea that stupid?

The game and people coming first are not mutually exclusive events. The only reason to cancel the game would be practical matters like no place for the visiting team to lodge. I can’t see how holding the game in any way should detract from efforts to serve the victims of the flood; as others have stated, it could easily be used to solicit funds and volunteers.

Okay, it was my fault…I jinxed it… :frowning: