Calgary flooding - could Jun 28 BC@CGY be in jeopardy?


First, let me just assure you that this is my own personal speculation - not culled from any official source.

  1. Is McMahon Stadium affected by any of the flooding?
  2. If the flooding continues to get worse over the next few days, as is expected, could the game be postponed/rescheduled/relocated? BC and Calgary have different off weeks so rescheduling seems very difficult.

I hope there is no need for anything to happen, and that the city is ready (physically and psychologically) for some football next Friday, but I wonder if the CFL has any contingencies in mind in case things turn worse.



how close is the stadium to any river?

how much higher is the stadium than the river?

the Stadium is safe. it is no where near the river. it will not be affected by the flooding.

Not being from Calgary, I took 2 minutes on Google Earth and came up with this:

Map showing closest river - [url]Google Maps

Elevation at McMahon ~1102 m
Eelvation at nearest river ~1060-1065 m

Glad the stadium's safe - but that doesn't automatically mean the game will be played, particularly if the rain continues well into next week. Fingers crossed that that won't happen, of course.

rain is supposed to be finished by Monday.

I don't see that the stadium itself would be affected by the flooding. That area is quite a bit above the river level.

The city in general, however, could still be reeling from the effects of the flooding. How many hotels were flooded? How long will the cleanup take? What will be the damage to roads and especially bridges? It looks Ike the lower deck on the Centre Street bridge is under water already, the 10th Street bridge and others aren't far behind, and the Bow hasn't even crested yet. What kind of strain will all that water put on those bridges? How much LRT track will need to be repaired or replaced?

They may have to cancel or move the game even if the stadium is fine, if the city is in a state of emergency still they won't want tens of thousands of people moving around to get to the game.

The next couple of days will be key. Here's hoping things improve for our friends in Alberta.

then they’ll have to go to B.C. and play it and then swap their game in BC for Calgary.

That was exactly my thought. At least there is a little time to prepare if it happens…

That’d be one option, but it would screw up the ticket sales for BC. They will hardly have any time to prepare to sell tickets for that game, and no doubt get way less attendance than they would have for the actually scheduled game.

My instinct is that they’d go for a neutral site game, possibly in Edmonton or Regina. I for one, in Regina, would happily to go see them play here - it would be an interesting opportunity and I’m always game to see a good CFL game.

Better if they don’t have to, but I sure hope they are planning for it just in case.

if anything they have the Lions fans use their tickets they bought for the later game and use it now.

walk up I think could work.

It might be wise for the Stamps to reschedule their home game next Friday. One idea is to swap it with the Aug. 17th - Stamps at Lions game. The Stamps have only 1 home game scheduled from July 20 to Sept 2, so a game on Aug. 17 game might be welcome.

The problem as PJ said above, there will be only 1 week for the Lions to sell a June 28th home game…but in this time of need everyone will have to pitch in and do what they can to help out. :thup:

i say next weeks game gets canclled , people come first

Any chance the stadium would be used as a disaster site?

It’s possible, but its outdoor. Not the best place for emergency shelter.

McMahon stadium is not in the flooding areas of Calgary. It is at a much higher elevation and a km or more from the Bow river. Different tale for the Saddledome though which is drowing. Supposedly water up to 14th row seating on lower level. Dressing rooms, jumbo tron (was sitting on ice level floor) have major damage. It's definitely out of commission for at least a month or more, and then only partly up and running on a limited basis for awhile after that as many seats will have to be replaced, total cleaning, replacing drywall and so-on. Going to be a real mess at the Saddledome for a long time. The old Calgary corral might be in better shape, so the Flames might have to play out of there for awhile like they did when they first moved from Atlanta many moons ago.

Some parts of the light rail transit lines are underwater and some of the transit tunnels are filled up to the brim from photos I have seen. A great percentage of people who go events at McMahon stadium use the C-Train lines to get there. Electricity for most of downtown and many other areas of the city has been disabled until maybe mid-week so as not to blow transformers and start fires. I think most of the visiting teams stay in the hotels in the downtown as no really big hotels near the stadium.

So several of these logistics could affect putting on the game if it remains scheduled as is. Maybe delay it a day or two to hold it on the weekend instead? Will be interesting to see what is decided.

;;;The people of Calgary have my sympathy…My family knows what it’s like to be flooded out and lose everything…The early 50’s were bad years for Wpg…The province finally had to build a floodway to circumvent the city…It was a lot of money back in those days BUT I think Alberta might consider doing the same…When the river crests (In Wpgs. case the Red) the floodway gates are opened and the excess water is carried around the perimeter of the city and rejoins the river a lot further upstream…Winnipeg has been dry ever since…I hope Albertans get proper assistance in this nightmare…They’re tough customers and will survive this…Just have to persevere…Can’t see why they would postpone or cancel the game… :roll:

…agreed, I see the game as a bit of a rallying point actually, attendance might be lower than normal but it’ll probably go ahead just fine…the city is more concerned about Stampede Week anyways as it’s only 9 days away

I agree...and it should sell out...people will be happy to be somewhere with power!

too soon?

but seriously, it is really bad. I hope that it is managed by stampede. I heard the grounds tvs and electronics were in the basement, which is entirely under water!! I had intended on going to Calgary for opening day, and staying into the Stampede, but am questioning that now.