Calgary Flames reach tentative agreement with city for new arena

The current NHL thread is old so starting a new one on this.

Council will meet at 3:45 on Monday to discuss the proposal and if they like there will be public consultation before a vote.

No details of $$$ and who is paying what but according to Eric Francis, Flames ownership will contribute more than Katz did in the Edmonton deal which doesn’t say much

If this gets approved later on then they’re off the relocation list though they we’re never that close to it.

Is the Saddledome considered too old at 31 years?

They need a new football stadium before a new hockey arena. McMahon is around 60 years old.

Of course, but the hockey pucks rule that city like all of Canada.
Look what happened in QC and they do not have a team and will probably never get one.
A white elephant.

Sadly, in the modern sports world, it is. Greed dictates the “age? and “usefulness? of pro sports facilities these days

Very true. The Flames will have 2 state of the art arenas built for them while the much older Stamps get to play in an aging bare bones facility from more than a half a century ago

I don’t see it as mere greed though that’s most of it along with private owners getting as much of the funding and debt to be on the backs of the public, directly or indirectly, as possible.

Keep in mind a structure built only 15 perhaps years ago was not built with WiFi and other modern mass-use technology in mind, which are now indispensable. And who does not have their cell phone on them and if not, what is their age?

WiFi access is now a part of the experience in any given business or public place, and if the structure inhibits it or does not allow full performance and have certain other modern and common features, well it’s already outdated too.

The pace of change continues to accelerate, so the timeline for obsolescence seems to be shortened more often. Even a slider keyboard on a phone, a great feature many of us still love, now is obsolete for example though a standard and common earlier this decade.

One of the main things that make this building obsolete is the roof. It’s curved design doesn’t allow it to support equipment allot of major acts use. Hence many concerts skip Calgary for Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg even Saskatoon.

So if the venue is not competitive, at what point should some public funds are used?

Of course the other is the lower bowl where the more expensive/premium seats are located is smaller compared to modern buildings. As this will benifet the Flames, they’ll need to make a significant investment too.

Apparently the details of the proposal is supposed to be released tomorrow after the council closed door session. IMO this closed door session is to guage support to see if there is enough support for a vote to pass. If that’s the case then this could move quickly… otherwise back to talks and grease any wheels that are squeaking.

Theres always the option called renovations. Much MUCH cheaper than building a new facility.
BC Place (built in the early 80’s) was renovated with about $20 million of the cost going to making the facility fully “wired” and capable of connections just like any new facility. That is in contrast to spending $500-2 BILLION on a completely new stadium/arena.

Most pro sports venues are considered “obsolete” the moment someone else came up with a way to generate yet more revenue from gameday in stadium activity.

Some details of the deal

3 party agreement between city, Flames and stampede board.

Cost 550 million to be split 50/50 by city and Flames. No details on who covers cost overuns.

City to own the building, Flames to pay for upkeep and collect revenues over 35 year agreement. Ground to break 2021 at the earliest.

City council to vote on the deal on July 29.

Regardless of need, this was going to be the decision in the end.

I watched the original presentation by the Flames live. All the glitz and glamour was going into the arena. The presentation and mock ups were mostly of the arena. The football stadium/fieldhouse was tossed in to try to garner the cities financial support. Versus the fieldhouse set up, I think the stamps are in a better situation at the current location. There would have been little to no parking available and that would have killed the tradition of tailgating at stamps games.

From that first presentation, a new stadium for the stamps was only a bargaining chip to get the arena for the Flames.

I am glad the Flames are getting a new arena, and that the Flames owners are putting in a significant investment into it, but the Stamps new stadium was never going to happen.

…I don’t think the West Village idea a couple of years ago was a false flag, I believe there was honest intent for CSAE to consolidate their empire into one facility…the dirt though has significant development issues that the city was unable to address, and the project stalled…in the end though the Victoria Park location is the better alternative for the arena, and there is simply no room for a football stadium there…besides, as you’ve noted, Foothills Athletic Park is the better location for the stamps to remain in…

A Billion dollar project and the football stadium would have been stuffed into a fieldhouse. While the Flames get a new state of the art arena.

I am going to stick with my skepticism of the flames intent of the original plan.

…I understand your skepticism but the original plan really was simply an architectural placeholder…had the proposal gone forward the stadium portion would’ve been treated just as fairly as the arena side, IMO…

Cool, we will agree to disagree and wish the best for the flames and the stamps that somehow it works out for bothof them.

…the disappointing part is the stamps probably would’ve fared better in the West Village proposal than their current home as that proposal would’ve been some combination of facility ownership between the city and CSAE, and not the University of Calgary…the current situation is basically a fiscal stalemate as the UofC has no desire, nor funds, to upgrade the stadium to any significant level, the city doesn’t have the funds/desire to help either, and the CSAE (as simply the tenant) won’t pour any money into McMahon beyond yearly minor upgrades to the game experience (turf, vid screens, etc.)…

Sadly. I think you’re right about them being better off where they are now-and that is not saying much. That field house/stadium proposal was weird and not had disaster written all over it. Glad it never came to be. Maybe this way, one day, someone can actually build a proper much needed, new stadium for the Stamps. But I don’t see that happening anytime too soon now. Their only hope is if the city bids on another major multi-sport games.

…there’s always GoFundMe…

Listening to a Sask sports radio show, they were discussing the arena deal, and they had their financial sports advisor.

He thought the new deal was a good one for both the city and flames.
He mentioned that a new stadium for the stamps is also a possibility as part of a phase 2 of the area development. He mentioned that there is a benefit to having multiple stadiums in an area as it establishes the area as a place to go. It also can share transit routes in the area, and promote growth commercially as it has not one but two event centres.

Whether the city or the flames are thinking that far down the road, we will see. There may be a slim hope yet.

Just as long as any future Stadium for the stamps doesn’t have the term “fieldhouse”.

2 Councillors asking Flames ownership via the city manager to extend the public comment period and have the vote September 30 as opposed to tomorrow.

The 2 councillors being Evan Woolley and Jeromy Farkasare the 2 with the ask. The former tabled the same motion last week to delay which lost 4-9. Farkas was one of the 4. Farkas as already gone on record saying he will vote against the deal as I’m sure Woolley will too.

It’s just a last minute stall tactic and in all honestly, this agreement has been in the works for 14 months. The arena debate has been public for 4 years and debated years prior before any proposals we’re made. People who are for the arena have already said their piece and those against have already said their piece too.

Elected officials are voted in to make decisions on behalf of the people they serve. It’s time to decide either way.