Calgary Flames buy Stampeders

From TSN

[b]The ownership of the Calgary Stampeders is about to take on a different look.

Some minority partners in the CFL team have decided to sell their investment in the team, opening the door for the Calgary Flames to announce a majority purchase in the neighbourhood of 75% ownership of the team on Thursday.

The Stampeders have called a news conference this afternoon to make the announcement.

The deal would put the value of the Stampeders well in excess of $15 million, which is an all-time high for a CFL franchise.

The Flames also have investment in the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League and the Calgary Roughnecks of the National Lacrosse League.[/b]

Wow, in excess of $15M value.

MLS take note and embrace your crappy yet important and oldest sports team. Get on board with the CFL

Maybe Rogers and MLSE will fight over the Argos once Braley decides they are up for sale. Although I'm not sure exactly what the new partnership that Rogers and MLSE have now to be honest. :?

The Calgary Stampeders are a well supported, successful CFL franchise. The Argos, the exact opposite.

The ONLY rush you will see when and if the blue team goes up for sale, will be those running as fast as they can with their wallets and cheque books to a safe place away from this disaster.

Also the Vancouver Canucks owner is interested in the BC Lions, but Braley is not ready to sell them yet.

From Twitter:
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"Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini has let Braley know he has interest when Braley is ready to sell."

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"The NHL Canucks have interest in buying the B.C Lions but owner David Braley not ready to sell team yet."

You may be dead on with that one though I will admit. Calgary also has a football specific stadium unlike the Argos.

It seems odd to me that one professional sports team can "own" another professional sports team. Kind of like a dog "owning" a cat.

Not really the team itself but rather happens to be the consortium that owns the team to be specific I would say.

There is work being done on getting the Flames a new downtown arena, but McMahon Stadium will eventually need to be replaced as well.

With the CFL team on board, the Flames will now look at building a sports complex downtown with both a football stadium and a new arena.

“We are smack in the middle of planning for a new building,? Flames president Ken King said. “We’ve been public about that.

“We haven’t talked about what it will look like or where it will be. It’s one of our highest priorities. Winning a championship is No. 1, and No. 2 is getting that done.

“Only now, and not before now, we will look into determining if it makes any sense to try and combine a stadium and an arena.?

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Interesting, thanks Captain for that article.

Well football and hockey do seem to work together in some aspects, reading this about football and hockey in the northern US on a board. Maybe some cross-over training between the Flames and Stamps might be in order :wink: :

[i]how do hockey and football work toegether up north?

Hand in Hand. A lot of head hockey coaches are often defensive coordnators on the football team. (Why I am not sure, probably the defensive emphasis coaches have ingrained from hockey) It used to be very true that most hockey players also played football. There was very little "football-basketball" rivalry issues betweeen the two sports. Football was dry land training for hockey, and hockey was toughness, agility, hand-eye training for football.

Teams that had good football programs usually had good hockey programs and vice-versa. Success of basketball and football didn't coorelate as closely (with the exception of very small communities, even then you find a bigger coorelation between wrestling and football.)

If you look at some of the most successful football/hockey schools in MN and ND, the coaches work closely together to build a successful athletic program.

AND most importantly, at my school, Hockey season did not begin until the Football season was over, no exceptions! Coaches wanted to win state in both sports.[/i]

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And then there was Gerry James:

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This picture probably would make Larry Tanenbaum scream to death. :lol: