Calgary Fans...

Regardless of what happens on Saturday night, I think we can all agree that BC sucks!

where'd this come from?

I don't agree.

Well let's not get ahead of ourselves greenandwhite. There's still lots of football left this year.

… and regardless of how BC does the rest of the season, they still suck.

ya that makes a whole lot of sense... :roll:

Such a terrible thing to say about the pride of the West Coast.

Oh my lighten up, its playoff time. Swine flu got you down.

Oh my, I guess you've never heard of sarcasm.

Will adding a stupid smiley face help you get it..................... :lol:

Haha deflated I wasnt refering to you.

heh I was just going to say you were probably referring to no-fun cflisthebest. :lol:

I agree with you. B.C. sucks! Booo! :twisted:

Especially BC



Having Rob Murphy go to Toronto lessend the dislike for BC for me
Funny how people dislike teams because of their fans or some players. (I maybe wrong, just my opinion)
I for one have always respected Wally and Buck Pierce
And I may like Eskimos a bit (not much) more with the retirement of Bryan Hall

Truthfully, I'm only booing B.C. because my Eskimos play them tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

riders have not hosted a home WF since 76, I would say riders suck more lol!

It looks like someone sobered up a little and realized that BC may meet the riders and beat them once again in the playoffs…

You keep confusing dislike with fear. I mean, we Rider fans dislike Edmonton, but we also really dislike BC. That has nothing to do with fear. In truth both Edmonton and BC have shown they can beat us, so it doesn’t really matter who we settle the score with in the WF in Regina, but I’d rather it be Edmonton.

Considering the Eskimos are 2-0 in Regina this season, I'd rather it be Edmonton, too. :smiley:

That just means we're due... :slight_smile:

Glen Suiter just said on the broadcast of the Esks-Lions game that there are still a few hundred tickets left for the game in Regina. That's surprising.

It's all the band wagon jumpers...because of the riders performance last week.!