Calgary fans...

I find it funny how many people are taking what I said seriously. It was all in fun, no hurt feelings intended and sure didn't intend to have people up in arms.

G&W I realize your intent was funny. But why is trolling so much fun for some of you sliders. :smiley:

Proof positive, last game in TO, Burris had a dreadful game (by his standards) and they still blew the doors off the Argos.

Why don't you tell us??

isn't it funny how it works. Rider living on last year go 6-0 then start to flunk out just like senators in the nhl last season. the bomber fumble out and now are hot winnign 3 straight and taken over 2nd in the whimpy east division. i say i gotta love nothing makes me happier then ahving a stronger team then the rumpriders. and i've said it once and i'll say it again. injuries at this point can no longer be an excuse. your backups play just as many reps as your starters. so everything evens itself out. the backups themselves can be called starters already. heres a hint hit the gym, do your proper workouts maybe then you'll stop hitting the ground. cuz in the last 2 years no other team has been nearly has beaten up as the riders.

and to the comment about losing what 8 receivers. well this weston dressler guy has been unfreaking believable the last few games. sure killed the bombers at the banjo bowl and labor day. But i would still have cofidence on the bombers back up receivers, 1 because they have well the best receiver known to the cfl in stegall and then edwards and armstrong both that could be go to guys anywhere in the cfl. and they have alot of fresh talent. hargraves has brought a few big ones in, armstead who is having a great season as a returner, and stoddard wh is the most under rated receiver in the league.

all that being said, you have to la hard and with confidence no matter what the situation is that you are in. injuries is just an excuse to lose and play weak. that is exatly what the riders are doing to themselves.

and i have to agree with many post here about burris. think he is a very solid qb and can beat any team in the league on any day of the week. his main roblem is he can have bad games as we have all seen, and can choke in the playoffs. but he worked etremely hard all offseason came back bigger. tougher, and dickenson made him a little wiser. his play calling al season has been very good and i feel he can easily lead this team to the show. i think calgary fans are very lucky to have him as their qb

RumpRiders? Ya big meany :wink:

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Rider Pride and passion, nationwide. If you can't take the heat, get out of your own team's stadium. :twisted:

I guess Calgary fans will never know what passion and pride are. Too busy being politically correct.

I'm curious what tune you would be singing if you had Stegall, Edwards, Armstrong and Franklin out. Similar too Flick, Fantuz, Dominguez and Bowman. Or how Calgary would do without Copeland, Lewis, Rambo and Ralph.
I am not using it as an excuse. I am straight up saying we are not as good a team without those players. No team is going to be as good when they lose their top 4 recievers.
Right now Sask is just not as good on offence as they could be with their best players out there. To say the backups should be as good as the starters because they have had as many reps by now is ridiculous. They would not be back ups in the first place then.

That being said I fully expect the Riders to split the series with the Stamps and then win the next three against Hamilton Edmonton and Toronto. Putting us at 12-6

Somebody posted on the Rider board the list of receivers the Riders are dressing this weekend, and their stats. With the exception of Dressler, it looks exactly like a list of training camp cuts from June. It don't matter who the Riders QB is at this point. We're simply too thin at the receiver position. That's the reality.

Grant: 5'11, 205 lb, 10 yr, 25/245 0TD
Walker: 5'10, 185 lb, Rookie, 9/125 0TD
Getzlaf: 6'0, 200 lb, Rookie, (Never caught a pro pass)
Palmer: 5'10, 194 lb, 6 yr, 18/254 0TD
Dressler: 5'8, 164 lb, Rookie, 31/662 5TD
Bagg: 5'11, 192 lb, Rookie, 14/218 0TD
Hernandez: 6'0, 183 lb, Rookie, 1/2 0TD

This year: 98/1506, 5TD
Without Dressler: 67/844, 0TD

That West Semi-Final I saw way more problems started by Stamp fans than Rider fans. I myself tried to congratulate a group for a good game and a good season (becuase both were true and I was being sincere and I was not slobbering drunk) And the guy responded that my hockey team sucks, and blasted an air horn in my face.
Saying that I say that all fans should be respectful to all others. People take things way too seriously. Witty banter between fans is so much fun, and people don't need to get their backs up over it so much.

Maybe this fan who wrote that letter should go over to and see the stuff that is printed about the Riders and its fans there. I've never seen so much animosity and ignorance towards another team and it fans than you do when you read that site. I'm not a member GSG nor do I wish to be. I think this one Calgary fan has to realize that it takes two to tango, and some Stamp fans are just as responsible as some the Rider fans are at disturbing the peace. If it is really that bad, then the same thing that is happening at TF needs to happen at McMahon-- identify the trouble makers and ban them from games, and if they are season ticket holders, refund their money and tell they are no long welcome, no matter WHICH team they cheering when the Riders come to town.

Your team just got hammered and has lost three straight. Why are you worrying about Henry and the Stamps?

Rider Pride and passion, nationwide=Beer swilling stupidity

Tell me what has this to do with Calgary Fans! Are you a bit off topic (sniff) those poor injured pklayers (sniff).

:lol: Danm skippy. Where do I sign up :thup: :thup: ... at least rider fans know how to spell stupidity. Even after 5 or 6 of them.

Again off topic where are mods on this site!

LOL because they do not realize they are on a slide!

Ya see greenandwhite why this thread should not have been posted (for fun yet).

Sambo the riders were playing BC? Why would any Calgary fans be at Taylor field throwing cans?

redwhite2005, please stop whining. You're giving Calgary fans a bad name. :roll:

5 posts in rapid succession and nothing constructive to add.