Calgary fans...

Enjoy it while it lasts because come playoff time Burris will choke like usual.

This is an unusually well thought out post for a rider fan.

I heartily endorse this statement!

Speaking of choking... haven't the Riders lost three straight now...? And 5 of their last 7...? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sush! Who asked you! LOL

I hate to say it this is Hanks first year that he has mentally been able to keep it togeather. Maybe the Riders can get in his head back to back at the very least Mo Lloyd could knock him into next week.

PS - I was being sarcastic about the Riders handing him back to back losses, as much as I would love it, it feels like a 100 to 1 shot at the moment

NO comment not worth it!

I think having Dickenson there to tutor Burris has been a positive for the Stamps. No Choking. I beleive my Lions will be visiting McMahon in the Western Final.

This could be the year Burris gets it together and plays great when it counts. He seems to be more relaxed and having a lot of fun. Still, I'll believe it when I see it.

jee, man. do you have 8 receivers on the injured list? No?

no o-lineman injured? no?

lets see how you’d do your top 3 receivers injured… all 4 starting receivers down… plus 2 O-lineman.

Simmer, bud. It was a joke.

But ... uh, Labinjo, Lysak, and Pilon are listed as doubtful.

Teyo Johnson and Nik Lewis are GTD's

They could be down 5 starters. At least they'll be able to excuse their loss on injuries.

Wait a minute, last year, didn't we all get lectured that you can't use injuries as an excuse. :roll: :roll:

I remember reading that some where..... :roll: :roll:

burris has looked really good this year. he always had that potential to be the best and now he seems to be progressing towards that level. He has all the tools of an elite qb and argueably one of the best arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Bringing in dave I think helped out too.

sniff pass me a cryiong towel.

Unlike some fans on this site you will not see Stamp fans using the excuse card. Que in the "Hank Su-cks" T-shirts please.

...and unlike some fans who after their team started the season 6-0 all we could read was just 'mail us the cup'....aside from one thread started in the stamp forum (an appropriate place to do so mind you) there hasn't been any boasting that I've been witness too g&w....history has shown just make it to the playoffs, anything can happen then....

you forgot to ask if he also has the injury excuse down pat! :smiley:

no rehearsal required thats for sure. There has been no end to it.

I won't be surprised to see Calgary in the Western Final this year. They have been playing good consistent football all season, so for G&W to suggest the HB will choke is a bit premature. It wasn't Hank's fault that they lost last year, if one player doesn't get called for being offside on an onside kick, it would have been an interesting finish indeed!
As a Rider fan, I'm more concerned about our team performing better against Calgary.

Sambo to the rescue. Your right Sambo to many people out there (some sliderfans) continue to bash or discredit Burris for the losses. Really a team wins and a team loses. I do not think Burris has a patent on throwing interceptions ( all QB's do this ) and fumbles yes all players fumble. So when I hear someone say what my good friend G&W stated. He is either jealous, sasd Burris is not playing for his team or secretly loves Burris.

At least they won't have to back in to the playoffs!