Calgary Experience

Flying back home to the hammer tomorrow, Came in for the game thursday night. Just wanted to share my experince. Very dissapointed that the TICATS lost but not a bad game over all.McMahon Stadium is very nice and very clean. they put on a good show. I got a little ribbing for wearing my ticat jersey and hat but not too much as the crowd was polite and i am a big guy. Took a bus from a bar called Jamesons to an from the game for only 10 bucks. Great bar also, irish pub kinda thing.

Only wierd thing is that i went to buy a beer and got in line and handed the guy my money for my beer and he informed me that i was in the wrong line. In Calgary you have to buy beer tickets from one line and then get in another line for the beer ?????

Oh yeah, CARETAKER Beer is only $5.25 in Calgary

P.S Calgary women are some of the hottest in any Canadain city i have been to.

Glad you enjoyed your experience even though we didn’t win. I hope to watch a game in every CFL stadium by the end of next season. It’s nice meeting fans from other teams sometimes.

I went to a game last year. I agree entirely... the Fans are great. I ended up tailgating with a few during halftime - The concept of beer in the parking lot was shocking.

I agree whole heartedly on all points (especially the PS!). The ribbing was all in good fun..although it did hurt when one told me that it was hard to hate the cats when they are the loveable losers of the league. OUCH!

Not sure if the $10 got you anything else..but I took the C Train in from downtown (which drops you off right across the street from the stadium) and it was $2.25 each way.

I had gone back to Jamesons every night also, including last night. Very good atmosphere and great employees, Manager was awesome

Chicks are always hotter when you are on the road :rockin:

Chicks are always hotter when you are on the road :rockin:

i must agree with diesel here, they are always better looking away from your backyard.some may say that about hamilton, hmmm naawww who am i kidding