Calgary @ Edmonton

I hope Edmonton brings it’s A game looks like Nichols is starting again, I’m not liking that.

Cmon, I just hope he steps up at least a little bit.

I like the package they bring with White in at QB. Nichols needs to you his legs more, he seems a little hesitant when out of the pocket.

WTF was that?!? I just leave for 2 minutes and they're going for 3rd and 3, and screwing up the snap to go with that..

Who forgot to tell the centre it was shotgun not punt formation?

Rowdy Rod has been studying. 2nd and 10 and he's able to make the leap that it's a passing down. :lol: :lol:

That was the most ridiculous celebration I have ever seen. :roll:

I like the big E's on the helmet

Let's just go with White, Nichols is to slow on his feet scared to run can't throw


These can't seriously be the 2 best teams in the league. This is the CFL and they couldn't muster 100 yards offence between both of them. :roll:

Nichols can't throw deep passes for ass. Looks like Freddy won't get a lot of catches today

Since the officials need a conference after any flag has been thrown is it too much to ask that they jog their lazy butts to that conference to minimize the delay to the game. That was embarrassing.

Did Murray Clarke get demoted or does he fill multiple roles? Don't remember seeing him Referee this season but he's in this game but not in the referees spot.

Two touchdowns in one half of CFL 2014 football. What madness is this?

They better be careful. If the eastern teams see this they might try to keep up and the next thing you know we have a football league.

A whole 17 points!! These are obviously the best teams in the league... Maybe they just cheat and work 4hours and 45 minutes everyday...

!00% disagree... the helmets and unis are the worst of the "signature" unis... those are even worse than the Toronto Maple Leafs regular unis...

Really poor showing by the defences. Absolutely horrible to watch. :wink:

Apparantly 11 of 17 for 128 is a good half of football for a CFL QB. :lol: :lol: Oh Mr Black, one of these days you must learn something about Canadian football. :lol: :lol: