Calgary @ Edmonton

Already a better game, not going to Edmonton as planned but able to watch the game on TV and not have to listen to the game on the Stamps radio broadcast. I like watching the Stamps play but they have to have the worst broadcast team in football.

Eskimos need to stop Cornish if they expect to have a chance, they need to learn you can't arm tackle him. Hopefully the Eskimos get a few of their walking wounded back. Should be a good game, I have always thought this one was the most important of the back to back week.

For the Esks it has been for sure. It is their chance to show they belong in a pro league after getting destroyed the week before most years. And quite frankly they've disappointed in proving that for most of the last decade or so. :lol:

In Stampeder fans dreams maybe. Eskimos lead the LD classic 29-25-1. It is close because of the last 12 years going mostly Calgary's way (Eskies are 4-8), but being destroyed? Twice in 09 and 10, but the 12 and 13 games were close and Edmonton "destroyed" the Stamps in 2011.

I guess when your main rival has won as many championships as your team has appeared in it's easy to rewrite history and get just a little hyperbolic after a win. 8)

Recent history, long term history or even ancient history doesn't matter much. You are only as good or as bad as the last game and the next game can change all that. The only score that really matters is the one on November 30th. We are used to fans being jealous of the history but it is after all just history. :cowboy: