Calgary @ Edmonton

This is a very interesting match-up. Feels like the league has finally started for real.

Arguably the two top teams so far. Both play strong defenses and effective offenses, Edmonton has a tendency to squander some chances but controls the clock. And I love what Patrick Watkins brings to the D. That defense is probably the most improved unit in the league.
Calgary is just solid with a constantly evolving game plan that points to the brilliance of Hufnagel and Dickenson.

Any definitive word on whether Cornish is good to go? Stamps for Edmonton?

Edmonton opened at a 2.5 fav but has since dropped to 1.5.

I’m leaning Calgary.

You guys?

I’m heading over to catch it.

Not sure if it is arguable that these are the top two teams so far, at 4-0 and 3-0 I would say that is a slam dunk.

Really too close to call, I am going with the Eskimo's but only because they are at home. Stamps looks like a go, Cornish a no.

I look for a close defensive battle that could come down to whichever team gets to the quarterback the most.

Edmonton by a touchdown.

Was really hoping to get to the game but doesn't look promising, guess somebody else will win the $200k 50/50.

Has anybody hear any early ticket sales numbers?

Hufnagel just announced that Cornish will not play as the star back is still suffering concussion effects from the vicious Hebert blow.

Unless stiffer penalties or protocols are enacted, grass roots leagues/schools will encounter tremendous drops in enrollment and pro leagues losing star players to early retirement.

If Cornish receives another serious concussion, I'm afraid the latter may ring true with the CFL losing one of it's greatest and most exciting players of this generation.

TiCat Lindsey Lamar is another example of a player who may very well be finished just shy of 24 years of age from two serious concussions suffered in the past year.

For a second week in a row Edmonton will get to be part of a match up of undefeated teams with first place on the line. A win in last weeks game and a week later at home vs their main rival the ESKS will reap the benefits of the hype for getting a great crowd.
Unlike Winnipeg where likely that game last week did not get much attention in the ticket sales until that week. A game against Calgary likely was a game that fans would have penciled in as the game when the schedule came out as the one to get tickets for ahead of time.
Now with a two week build up it will be the place to be in Edmonton. Both Edmonton and Winnipeg have long and faithful fan bases likely have been waiting for a reason to explode and hear it is.

I don't know, the Eskie's are playing well.The Stamps are coming off a ugly win and now no Cornish, Price, Mallet or Arthur. I'm a little worried about this one :expressionless:

Cornish won't be back for some time as he has now been placed on the 6 game IR...

[url=] ... jured-list[/url]

What is the status on Mallet. I see he is on the PR.
If he is 100% healthy and has been practicing for a good period he should be in football shape. I don't think they would add him to the offense yet since Cornish has just gone on the IR.
Obtaining Sanders and the development of Walter had set the Stamps in a good scheme to use them to keep Cornish a bit fresher as they would take some of the snaps on offense.
Both are vital to their special teams as well. Sanders has been a great addition as a returner and Walter is a full time Teams starter.
It looks like this is the reason that they brought Mallet in as a replacement for Cornish if he should be out for an extended period of time. Keeping Sanders and Walter in their regular roles and getting a bit more play at RB but not take away from their main duties.

Charleston Hughes@StampMachine: "Downtown Edmonton look like it need a bath wit hot soapy water or atleast a rinse off"
Shots fired!

Yikes. But E has so much construction and road work going on downtown it does look a little grimy.

Hard to tell about Calgary's 3-0 record.

Beat Montreal
Beat: Toronto
Beat Hammy:

Combined record 2-9

Edmonton opponents are 6-8

Beat some quality teams n the road in BC, Winnipeg.

While it has been stated the downtown core is a little off right now, the river valley is stunning.

I'm here for the game and staying in an urban community just down the hill from downtown. Trees, river valley, just fabulous. Warm/hot but thunderstorms hovering for tonight.

A real prairie day. So nice, with a hint of threat. Perfect.

I agree, also the Stamps look a little dis-jointed right now. Key players on the bench. I'm a Stamp fan but wouldn't bet against the Esk's in this one. Maybe Tate starts to cause some confusion if the Esk's are expecting BLM

As long as Bo Levi Mitchell remains undefeated as a starter and remains healthy, I doubt we will see Tate start again this year.

Your probably right. Also, does it make me a bad person if I want Fred Stamps to stub his toe really badly in the warm up :twisted:

oh yeah. Definitely gonna end up on a lot of posters foe list :slight_smile:

Calgary will be in tough without Cornish and a few other starters but having Huff and Dickenson calling the game will always give the Stamps a chance .

I was going to say that as long as Mitchell remains undefeated, how could Tate possibly get a start?

Then I was OC Dave Dickenson himself who started and played the whole 2004 Grey Cup (and lost), despite Casey Printers having such a dominant season. So I guess there's precedent.

I've been waiting all week for this game, sure hope it doesn't disappoint. GO ESKIMOS!!!

Surprised there was no challenge on the punt. From the one replay I'm not sure if the return man touched it or it went straight through hiss hands.

I'm a few minutes behind, but I'm surprised there was no challenge as well. I had to replay it a few times, and it didn't look like the returner touched it at all. Although I'm sure he would have told the coach to throw the flag if he didn't.

Why would they challenge? It's a turnover so it would have automatically been reviewed by the league, would it not? IIRC all scoring plays and all turnovers are subject to automatic review.