wow, have fun mate ! You'll have a blast ! How about wearing your Als jersey so we can see you on tv ? :slight_smile:

You bet I will. I will be the only guy in there with an Als jersey. I’ll look like a doofus who picked the wrong weekend to see his team play out there. lol… That might start a few conversations.

Hey, I’ll note down where everyone sits and I’ll try to meet the most I can.

Cool. How do I spot you? Green and gold or green and white? :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a guy sitting in the section over from me last week who was all "Al'ed out". Flag and everything. You were actually the first guy I thought of.

Have a good one T&T! You lucky bugger.
If you have allergies, you will find that you will be symptom free when you go to Calgary and Edmonton. I went to both cities for the first time 2 yrs. ago, and for the first time that I could remember in my life I could actually breathe and didn't have any allergy symptoms whatsoever.
On the flight back though, my allergies came back with a vengeance and I had a sinus headache for a week.
But it was fun going out there.

Have a Barley Sandwich for me, and don't forget to cheer-on the Ticats for Renegades sake!


I'll be the guy in the Lions jersey. Pretty sure I'm gonna get alot of ribbing and I'll be loud and proud.

No, the lights are on but no-one is home.

That's what makes Saskatchewan...great?

What is a Barley sandwich?

And no, I don’t have any allergies, but RedandWhite told me to watch for dangerous airbourne cooties while in Commonwealth stadium. I asked my doctor for a shot against it. He gave me some special medicine called “placebo”. I hope it’ll work.

You really don't know what a Barley Sandwich is? Hmmm, didn't know that was a regional thing.

Barley sandwich = beer. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, beer

It's a cool thing you're doing, a cross Canada CFL trip. The most I could do in one summer was 4 stadiums. Keeping you tourist money in Canada. I respect that!

Sportsmen, 40 years ago, I wasn't even a project.

Yeast#5, I don't know if you were telling that to me or to Lionbacker, but I don't do all of Canada this year. Don't have enough time off for that. Next year, I might aim at the Prairies... especially Winnipeg late in November.


Dont forget you have to bring all of us a present.

Edmonton jerseys for everyone.!!!

.......I think there is still a pile of "Burris Sucks" t-shirts outside of McMahon.....Free to Good Home the sign says.....

I'm surprised they didn't burn the shirts after our horrible perfomance in that game..... and given how drunk most of the probably were, I'd bet they would've tried to do it while they were still wearing them.

Wait, that might explain why they didn't, somebody put 2 and 2 together, got 7.59 and thought better of it.


I'll be at commonwealth in the best seats Row 39 under the upper level just right where the rain and snow end ( Literally If I lean forward I get wet Lean back dry all game)

I don't know if you booked your hotel room in Calgary, but there is a big bunch of hotels just beside the stadium... so, you will be able to walk to your hotel room even if drunk!

Those hotels have always seemed on the somewhat dirty/shady side to me… not all, there’s a couple that seem alright, but for the most part I don’t know if I’d want to leave my car there overnight.