Tomorrow's the big day !!!

I'll attend my first CFL games out West. I will first drop by McMahon Stadium to watch the Stamps host the Ticats. Then, I'll head up to Edmonton to see the culminating point of the Battle for 2nd place in the West, as the Riders will take on the Esks. And, of course, I will close my weekend by watching the Lions visit my birds in Montreal.

Six teams. Three stadiums. One weekend.

I've been waiting for that weekend for months. Only 20 hours to go till the plane lands in Cowtown.

Now I hope all teams are set to make this a weekend to remember. Next week, I'll report to you my appreciation of each stadium.

Will any of you guys be at these games too?

Have a good trip, mate! take care! and I have already swapped info.......keep an eye out for Yeast#5, probably the only guy at McMahon with a ticat jersey......Statik76 wears a BB jersey and sits high (physically and mentally) in section V or W or something like that.......

.......supertoe, RunNealonRun and GoEsksGo are all seasons ticket holders in Edmonton........

......have a great trip Third......

I, along with many other Rider fans I assume, will be amking the trip to Edmonton.

Whoops, I said "am king" instead of "making."

Have a safe trip Third...Wish I could be there too!

Yeah there are always lots of Riders fans whenever they roll into the city of champions, they enjoy the indoor plumbing. LoL sorry i had to, you gotta love it when the Riders come to town, great rivarly, sask is just that team for Esks fans that we love to hate, and yes, im still bitter about last years playoffs.

3rdand10, that sounds like the best effn weekend ever, where are your tickets at in commonwealth?

Sat. Should proove be a great day for the Esks. One in which they 'should' Proove just what they are made of, providing they actually show up to play!!

GoEsksGo, the playoffs are the only time we play half decent in Commonwealth. We always seem to get kicked duriing the regular season. It'll be interesting to see if anything has changed.

HARGHHARgh !! How many of you are envious of my seats?

Its section O...


.......there ya go, section O......whoa, that rhymed.....

Turd stay home.

Aww, come on saskargo... get out of your house and get your ass in that stadium too. You call yourself a football fan, but do you even go to the games? How can you not be at Commonwealth this Saturday? Your home team hosts your arch nemesis. Are you afraid to be thrown a helmet by an angry kick returner?

I won't believe you exist before I can see you in person...

It’s too bad I can’t go - gotta work Satruday.

Yeah, lots of Rider fans migrate to Alberta for their football games.

I hope the last one out of Saskatchewan remembers to turn off the lights.

Turd I wish I could go.
I would love to meet you.
I will be in Saskabush this weekend.
Have you ever been out here before?

That's an excellent section, but the seats are a little too low. I've sat in the 1st and 2nd rows before, I prefer to be up at least 10 rows.

I'll be at the game with a bunch of friends. If you see a giant brawl with some Rider fans it's probably me.

Third, we'll be neighbours. I have seasons tickets in section F, row 8.

Nope. First time I go to Alberta. Too bad I won't see much of it in only two days. But I will come back out west some other time with my girlfriend to do some non-football related things.

Of all weekends, why did you picked that one to go to Saskabush? All your relatives wil be in Edmonton.

EE, I know what you mean. I've sat once in the first row for an Alouettes game. I would only see well when the play was at midfield. Otherwise, the players closer to your seats hide what's going on further downfield.

But eh... I'll get to see some Eskimos from up close. We're just behind the Esks bench.

I'm making my way to the Riders/Esks game at Commonwealth as well. will be in section V Row 5. I know how excited you must be since I got to do a Canada trip to see 3 CFL games this summer. I know you'll enjoy the experience cause I know I did. Maybe I'll run into you in Edmonton.