Calgary Double Header Football Next Week-end

Wonder how many Stamp fans will take in the Vanier Cup on Sat . in Hamilton and wonder how may Dino fans will take in the Grey Cup , excellent opportunity for Calgaryians to enjoy both games .

Sometimes the bird of paradise just craps all over one lucky city. Good on both teams and having a wife from Calgary and having known many former U of C people I’m happy. Laval will be tough as usual though.

We’ll be in TO so no way we’re heading to Hamilton for the Vanier but it would be fun.

Just hope both games are good, but I don't think it will happen.

Maybe some snow and cold temperatures will change that.

However, have a feeling Laval will run over Calgary in the Vanier and Calgary will run over Ottawa in the Grey Cup.

There are thousands of tickets available for both.

Would agree on your predictions for the games and I'm glad my prediction about the Eastern Final was wrong...much prefer a classic East/West game.

And, although a trip to Hamilton for the Vanier is not out of the question, most GC fans in town won't bother. Can't figure out why the CIS and CFL can't get together and play both games in the same town. Like in 2007 when both the Vanier and the GC were in Toronto. It was easy to attend the Vanier Friday night (and upwards of 30,000 did when my Bisons won it all), hit the Spirit room afterwards and then get ready for the Cup on was a fantastic weekend of Canadian Football.

A trek to Hamilton Saturday will kinda consume the day (most out of town fans don't have cars) and that's usually a big night to have some Cup fun.

Finally, just found out one of my official pals got assigned to the Vanier. He's a 25 year amateur official and is pretty excited. He's a great official and will work hard to provide a solid game for the Dinos and the R&O.