Calgary dominates Riders

Wow do the Stamps ever look good!

I know it's only the first halve but it's been all Calgary so far. Complete domination.

Buris is looking good! This should prove the debate as to who is the better QB. Buris is 10x the QB Nealon is.

Yes its early.... I'm hoping Calgary can keep it up. It will keep this website pretty quiet for the next week or so if this score holds up.....

just watch danny barret will fire em up at halftime and they'll come back, if they dont ive lost my faith in em

Wow! Calgary's looking good, and Sask is looking shaky. Hopefully they make a better showing in the second half, but we'll see.
Even so, as many have pointed out to Sask fans when we were winning, one game does not a season make. So far this bodes well for Calgary and poorly for Sask, but I'll reserve my judgment until the end of the game and the end of the season. Go Riders! Please! :?

Actuallly four games do not make a season....My Lions are 4-0 And the Offensive line still scares me! Too many hits on Dickenson! After the way Ottawa has played so far and Winnipegs upset win, gotta love the CFL...Anybody can beat anybody!

Riders are #1 defense against the run? Tonight Reynolds is taking it to them! He's ripping apart that D-line!!

34 - 4 CALGARY. You gotta love it. Now if only those stinkin' Esks would just lose their next game - I would be ever so thankful for a cushion in first place.

ok so i wont lose faith in the riders but they better make a decent comeback who kows they might win the CFL is unpredictable look and the Bombers win


This is just a joke...................

i agree with 88 its pathetic

This Joffrey Reynolds kid is fun to watch. Other than the 1 pick, Burris has sure picked up his game. Is this the same QB that played in Ottawa? Winnipeg?

Wow Calgary is putting on a clinic tonight! 41-4 Calgary

What's the score going to be when Sask plays BC or the Esks?

What's impressive about Buris is his accuracy throwing the deep ball while on the run.

There's going to be a lot of Rider fans eating those 'Buris sucks' shirts!!

this is the worst game ever all rider fans (including me) can be silenced now

This is absolutely embarassing. Has this ever happened before???? The stamps have scored on every possession except the interception. Their punter has yet to punt the all. My lord do we need Nate and Daved back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never give up on the Riders..... but as for this game, it is over!

Go Riders!!

Wouldn't you just love to be in Calgary tonight. I wonder what the most lop-sideed score in clf history is.

Nealon Greene in putting on a clinic tonight! the riders are lucky they have Greene to step in for henry. Burris,Reynolds and the stamps cant get nuthin going.


Nealon has to attack down field his game plan to this point has been 5 yard pas to the flats, run 5 yars, punt....repeat.

Throw the fricken ball over 10 yards!!!!

oh god 41-4… With all those fans there… it’s a sad night in ridernation tonight. I know RedandWhite is gonna love this!

they should just forfeit the game its done :x but riders still rule

its gonna be quiet in saskatchewan tommorow stampfan wont let me hear the end of it