Calgary coming in after loss!

A good thing? Get them when they’re down? Bad thing? When was the last time Calgary lost two consecutive? I think they look definitely beatable. Could be we could ride a little momentum to victory!! Oskee!

Edmonton’s players were trash talking to Calgary’s players all night, showing no fear, and trying to intimidate the Stamps. This is the right approach. If you get up in the grill of the stars on Calgary, you undercut their confidence, and they can be beat.

This is the mid-term exam, and we have done all the assignments and showed our work…

TiCats by a whisker. :slight_smile:

Let’s win over one of the best in the West .

Matters not what they did last game or what we did ,right?

Are Riders with a healthy Zac better? Hmmmm…

Beating CAL would be huge in the 7-game battle ahead to break the first place tie with, and stay ahead of, OTT. The TiCats and the 2colours both have 4 home games and 3 away remaining, including a there & here back-to-back 2-game series in the latter half of October. The way I see it:

Advantage HAM – Ottawa has a tougher line-up of remaining opponents

Advantage OTT – They need only 1 victory in the 2 games with HAM to win the season series and give them first place if the teams were tied in the season-ending standings. HAM would need to either win both games or win one, by 7 or more points, and tie the other.

The Riders I would think are better with Zac when healthy and good for them. But IMO the Cats are better with Masoli then with having a healthy Zack.


No rest for the weary… Calgary a tall order… they put up 42 and lost. Levi’s not putting up 42 against Hamilton’s D at home but still the Ticat offense needs to be in high gear production mode to have a chance. And they do have a chance. If Masoli can take this one, I’d suspect alot of apologies around here…

Should be a great game. Long range weather forecast looking good so far too with the forecast now saying 27C and sunny.

But the weather geek in me wonders if that might change with major hurricane Florence forecast to hammer the east coast as a Cat 4 hurricane hitting North Carolina Thursday night. Might we get the remnants of that impacting us by Saturday? Hope not.

Calgary is the litmus test for any team this year. Even if we don’t win, it will show us how we are stacking up against the top team. Will be a tougher test if Banks is not able to start, puts a lot of pressure, and probably an extra DB, on Tasker.

Or just have a better final record than Ottawa. :wink:

I dont think the qb play matters much for them. They have all been mediocre. They ride the defence to wins

IMO Hamilton - and Masoli - outplayed Calgary IN THEIR own barn in week one but committed a couple of untimely mistakes that led to them losing the game. That COULD have been a win but of course "coulda, woulda shoulda" matters not a whit in the standings.

Calgary defense IS good but so is ours and we'll have the home crowd hopefully making a ton of noise and ramping up the players to play their best. I'd LOVE to see the Ticats break the losing streak against Calgary once and for all. Even in their "not-so-good" years they have often played Calgary tough so I think it can be done but Calgary won't be wanting to lose 2 in a row - something they rarely do - so it sure won't be easy.

?? What are you talking about?? You know not what you say!

Much better and more correct Crash.

Really looking forward to this game.

I wasn’t able to attend the LD game, nor the TO away game, as I was up north for the week. I’m ready to enjoy a strong home performance.

It’ll be a defining game, that’s for sure.

I truly hope Speedy is ok to play and in game form. I also believe we need a big game from TT. I listened to the interview with coach Jones, and I get what he is saying about passing to who is open, but in order to get the W, Masoli is going to have to be firing on all cylinders. (and a key cylinder is Tolliver) Tasker is going to get a ton of Calgary D attention, so needing that 2nd go-to will be important.

D line is going to have to come up big. We can’t have Calgary score 42 on us and expect to win. Still shaking my head on Edmonton’s win. D better have bought O some dinners that night.

If this game comes down to special teams, we are going to be in trouble. Our kick off returns have been horrible. We need to keep the turnovers to a minimum, have our D play a big game, and most importantly, KEEP THE PENALTIES LOW!

If we do that, we have a chance against the best team in the league.

Go Cats!

Based on how teams have matched up, we should just be praying that if there's a crossover, it isn't Sask.

Watching the Edmonton/Calgary highlights today. I never noticed before how quickly Mitchell gets rid of the ball. He is very, very quick, even on the long throws. Maybe they play the highlights at a quicker than live game tempo? Good O-line, fast receivers, quick release. That is most definitely a good offence, from starters through subs. Just a tad too cocky for my liking, but maybe deservedly so.

I hope we beat the snot out of them, but that wont happen, a win would be great. Were due.

We are definitley due…but would you rather beat them now or in the Grey Cup…like we did with Edmonton in 1986.

Going from arguably playing the worst team in the Argos to the best team in Calgary.

Calgary has a much better D line and their DBs can cover recievers longer, so should be interesting how our offense adjusts.

We may have a shut down corner, but other parts of the D are leaky…need to tighten this up as Argos did exploit us. Stamps won’t be as undisciplined.
Good news for us is their top recievers are out.

Then again, a few years ago, BLM was out and their back up Qb creamed us.

Tasker needs to have steady hands when holding the ball for the winning field goal… :-\

Finally, Calgary games at THF are known for crazy winds…this time we need the wind to be with us.