Calgary coach suffers heart attack

Don't know who but I hope he is alright, I don't like seeing players getting injured but a heart attack is so much worse than a separated shoulder.

I thought you were kidding rw05.

Early reports are that it could be Kris Sweet and he was rushed to hospital.

Best wishes to Kris Sweet, I truly hope he is ok.

Burris injury still unknown.

Best wishes to the coach who suffered a heart attack, it puts losing a football game into prespective.

All the best to both the coach and Henry.

RW2005 and Stamp Fans. Our prayers are with coach Sweet. Hope he has a good and quick recovery. Hate to see star players like Hank get injured. He has really looked good in the last few weeks. Looking like the Hank I appreciated watching in Regina when he played here in 04'.

On behalf of ticat fans, our thoughts and prayers are with him.

He's at Hamilton General, one of the best cardiac hospitals in the province.

I hear Hank was injured.
I am off to watch the game now, so shhhhhh!
But Hank, in 2004?
You appreciated a guy who was brutal?
Define inconsistant?
Henry Burris. 2004.
I have no idea what you were watching....

As I was scanning through commercials, etc., I was unaware of any serious problems with the coach.

I am confident he will be fine!!

Did this happen during the game? (I missed the second and third quarters.) Regardless, hope he's all right.

Apparently it occurred after the game, in the locker room.
It turns out it was not a heart attack, but an anxiety attack; he’ll be fine:

"We need to rally around a different leader," said Higgins. "We have to be much better in giveaways/takeaways and not take the penalties. Those are things we can control." The Stamps were relieved to learn offensive-line coach Kris Sweet suffered an anxiety attack in the locker-room after the Hamilton loss, not a heart attack, as originally feared.

“He had all the symptoms of a heart attack,” said Higgins. "Shortness of breath, elevated blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

“He had one blood test, and then again eight hours later. There was no heart damage, which is a great relief.”

I just hope this news–same article–doesn’t put 05 in the hospital:
"Some guys are out there," said general manager Jim Barker. "We'll look at the different options and, hopefully, by Monday have some possible answers." Higgins adores Jason Maas and would welcome him to Calgary, but he's Montreal Alouettes' property.

Long-time CFLer Nealon Greene is a free-agent possibility. A realistic option is Ben Sankey, who played for Stamps offensive co-ordinator George Cortez in 2001 and is on the B.C. Lions’ practice roster.

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Arius do not get hit by car! Your a very sad little person.

Arius do not get hit by car! Your a very sad little person.
Because I updated everyone/anyone who might have been concerned about your coach? I don't think I am the one who is sad here, pal.....

Well just watching the whining that is occuring by you tells me otheriwse. You are sad because your team lost. And I see you are now the authority of what happens in Calgary. Look out sports writers Arius is moving in. To bad you no absoultely little. :lol: :lol:

Once again, I profoundly apologize to all the fans, particularly the Stampeder fans, who may have been concerned upon hearing a coach had had a heart attack.
I am sure they are fuming over my audacity in posting information indicating the guy is fine!!

Nice try!

Too bad you know absolutely little as well :slight_smile:

Thanks dust!
Believe me when I say he knows little. :lol:

Okay everyone knock it off...RW05: Arius was simply reporting to the Forum the latest on Kris Sweet's symtomatic heart guys really have to find something better to do with your time.