Calgary Camping

Would anyone know the best bet for camping in Calgary for a Football game? We will be travelling from Powell River BC to Sask. with a tent Trailer and a tent. We have tickets to the July Riders game and I would certainly enjoy a few beer at the game. Do not want to drink and drive though.


I don't think there are any campgrounds in Calgary itself. There are a number of inexpensive hotels really, really close to McMahon Stadium though (Best Western, Econo Lodge, Super 8, etc) if you decide to splurge for one night.

you can always camp at a wa-lmart parking lot they will not mind .

Just west of Okotoks, Which is about 20 minutes south of Calgary, There is the Sheep River campground. Awsome tree lined private sites, whith the sheep river running through, which you can canoe on or fish off shore. About the only thing lake like that you will get inside of 1.5 hours from Calgary. You would be about 45 minutes to Mcmahon. The other one is just West of Bragg Creek. About the same distance from Calgary, but 10 - 15 minutes closer to McMahon just with where it's situated from the Calgary core. Can't remember the name but keep going about 10 minutes west of Bragg Creek turnoff, on 22x, and I think it comes to a dead end and there it is. When you get back to the city you are lots closer to McMahon than the Okotoks one, but Okotoks maybe a little nicer.

…^^ apparently Taleback missed (probably honestly) the part about D&D’ing…don’t do that…although all his suggestions are valid and nice spots unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on a taxi, or designate a DD, or spend potentially hours thumbing your way back to the campsite I wouldn’t venture out to those spots on Game Day…

…my suggestion is (as per the reply in the stamps forum):

…but in all seriousness, rent a cheap motel room that night across the street from McMahon, or like oilrocker said park your gypsy caravan at the Walmart at Northland Shopping Centre and walk to the stadium…it’s not too far and there are a couple of decent pubs between those two points (KIlkenny’s and Jamieson’s), good for taking breaks…

chestimere has some nice camping. as well as west of there, theres a not bad spot used by lots of riggers.

when I first glanced over this topic, I thought it said calgary humping. I went hmmmmmm

check this out, its on the correct side of town, about 8 klicks away.