Calgary Bids for the 2026 Winter Olympics

If it means a new stadium for the Stampeders, I'm all for it!!!

LOVE the Winter Olympics.

For sure but I bet Pat is still dreaming the MLB will come to Calgary and they should build an MLB stadium there to attract a team. It's taking me a while but I'm finally figuring out, a bit anyways, how Pat's mind works. ;D ;D ;D

A winning bid would likely result in a new stadium for the Stampeders, and a new arena for the Flames.

Money well spent!!!

Technically, the city has only sent a Letter of Intent to the IOC.

The federal and provincal governments approved funds to form a bid corporation. Provincal funding in part is subject to a Plebicide.

A formal bid should the city proceed is expected to be decided in June.

Other cities/regions expressing interest too are..

Sion, Switzerland
Graz, Austria
Stockholm, Sweden
Joint bid Milan and Turin, Italy
Erzerum, Turkey
Saparro, Japan

Deadline for other cities to join is tomorrow.

We'll get it.

NBC will want the games in North America.

Can't wait for the Stampeders to get a new stadium. Money well spent!!!

Maybe I'm stupid but if I say, I'm living in Calgary and Calgary goes for the Olympics and wins the bid and then takes some of my local tax money for stadium and facility building and all of that, that I should at least get some free tickets for a an event here or there at the Olympics? As I say, maybe I'm think stupidly.

Mind you the same could be said for any municipality taking my tax money for a stadium/arena/theatre and then charging me money to attend whatever sports event at that stadium/arena/theatre. The word bribery comes to mind come to think of it.

We all pay education taxes and with that you send your kids or other kids if you don't have kids like in our case, to school up to a certain age for free. Seems similar if you're paying for a stadium or arena or theatre, some of attending should be free as well for the taxpayer.

Absolutely that's not stupid at all Aerial but somewhat brilliant - the locals bear more of the burden along with benefits as hosts than do others, with the haves always reaping multiples more than the have-nots, and so the locals should reap a few more of the benefits.

Do residents currently live there get free tickets to events at either facility since they were built and or renovated with tax dollars from the same source?

Then again, when the Pan Am games were here, there were an allotment of tickets for each host community they use with municipal programs. My son got some events free with the town camps he was in. I would guess a small amount would be set aside.

Calgary would return as a prior host of the winter games from 1988, which I'm sure many of you remember, as does Sapporo from 1972. Turin last had the winter games in 2006.

Stockholm, having hosted the summer games way back in 1912, would be the first host city to have hosted both the winter and the summer games.

I would be shocked if the games were to go to Turkey given the political theatre out there now.

I know the economics don't work now for the NHL on one side and the IHF and IOC on the other given the major dispute over who would be paying the insurance premiums for the NHL players during the tournament, but 2026 is just under 8 years away and I no doubt do want to see in my life again the NHL stars play also in the Olympic Hockey Tournament with the best in the rest of the world for yet another classic tournament.

Actually, Beijing will be the first city to host the summer and winter games. Well, actually Karuizawa, Japan was the first to host events in both Games, having hosted equestrian during Tokyo 1964 and curling during Nagano 1998.

The IOC has stated that the Saddledome is still a viable Olympic venue, so if the Flames and Gary Bettman are hoping this might lead to a new arena, they may well be disappointed.

NBC might have preferred New York in 2012 and Chicago in 2016, didn't happen. I doubt they are thrilled with three straight games in Asia.

I'll bet you 1 U.S. dollar that Calgary gets the 2026 games.

I thought you were against public spending on stadiums? :o

I remember reading a whole lot about that too in the FIFA thread, but I think those comments were specific to FIFA. :stuck_out_tongue: The IOC has had its own rackets though.

Damn. I had no idea on 2022, but go figure.


They used tax money for ticats stadium..did you get a free ticket there?


No, tickets are paid for. But some are calling for free public transit, in this case Toronto and Paris is mulling it over as well. Also some talk about free tuition for post secondary education in Ontario. Well, why not sports as well for spectators if stadiums have used tax money for stadiums and arenas? Hey, just saying. Not saying there is a right or wrong to this at all, just what is out there being discussed.

Not regretting the move....thanks for posting that.

The needy generation is in full swing there it seems

More a case of recognizing the great successes and benefit to the overall economy/society of places with free or almost free post-secondary education. But we're veering into verboten subjects - so I'll just leave it at that.