Calgary @ BC

Come on, Stamps! Man, if BC loses tonight they'll be 0-3 at home. :lol:

Hey Stamps, can we trade you Campbell for Rambo? :stuck_out_tongue:

No but I'll take stamps for thalwel. Good start for Calgary!

nah i think we will keep him :wink: but ya like hothead said thelwell for stamps is fine

who else loves calgarys defensive strategy on second and long, put one lineman load up with lineman and motion and blitz the qb, because their o line cant take it and lulay doesnt kniw how to read it

Love how Campbell has gone from being a star to a liability. :lol: Ah well. Let's go Stamps! Nice start so far. :thup:

That was the worst block from behind i have ever seen took out two players from hitting them in the back what is this

Aparrntly it's a defence that sask ran last week... I could have a drinking game from how many times they said that already

Wow. That was some stellar coverage by #33. :roll:

Maybe I'll send nik lewis a tweet reminding him the game has started and tell his team

Its better stats-wise for BC to go to 1-5 with us, but cheering against Cowtown is automatic for Edmonton fans (at least those who live here in Edmonton)

Go Lions!

Esks fans should cheer for the stamps

Lewis runs his mouth, and now everyone is getting hit below the waist...wonder if that'll learn 'em...?

Thats like saying Ticat fans should cheer for the Argos... sounds like heresy to me!

Looks like BC misses out on a sellout tonight, guess the falling mist turned some of the endzone folks away.

I don't get how clime doesn't think Calgary is as good as sask when they beat sask by 20. And milt licked the stamps to be last. Kinda funny. I don't think bc will change how they play cause of Lewis. Stamps since the early mellenium are the least popular team. But I kind of like it like that

Or they missed a sellout cause they can't win

...sending a letter? Otherwise that just sounds sooooo wrong...

My bad. I meant picked. In posting on my I phone. Not too gud with it yet. I like that Cornish is getting more touches on the ball

...I know this is late, but wtf is Sanchez's little acting stint about, ooooh yeah I totally tomahawked YOU...against Reynolds, like that guy needs to be put in his place....childish...

Is that a r joke...? :lol:

Stamps better do something with this field postion!