Calgary @ BC Game Thread

Looking forward to this one tonight's silly that it's not on TV in the US too ...we've had English Premier League all day even!

One possibility for those like me not in Canada:

If it does not work I'll find another link.

B.C. Lion's new uniforms are very nice. :thup:

Open drive and a TD...nice, so goes those cool looking, black uni's.

Wow, no doubt, those are awesome uniforms!

And that offence was on fire on that first series!

That Stamps' defence better wake up.

No, they suck

like hell they are. totally suck :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

but hey, I will fight online for your right to have and express your opinion :slight_smile:

To each his own, my man. There's no right or wrong on this subject matter. :slight_smile:

Kick butt FYB :thup: Those uniforms rock but if you think they suck okay that's on you they are your team.

Their a lot better than that snot colored uni your team wears.

otoh I loved the old canucks black and yellow V 8) :rockin:

The uniforms have potential, but they're far from fantastic, in my opinion. There isn't enough contrast for me - too dark with the black/grey combo, and although the orange pops nicely, it's not enough for my tastes.

Wow what a return! Like Dunigan said, vision and agility are often as important as speed for the return game.

Number 42 Deron Mayo of the Stamps is faster than Tim Brown, but then Brown shifted to the middle and lost him.

I was impressed with Mayo's pursuit on that play and I wonder how the Stamps will use him more with that speed at 5-11 221!

If your snot is that colour, I'd get that checked out...

On that incomplete pass to the lineman in the end zone by Bo Levi Mitchell, it was not Mitchell's fault for not knowing the guys could only max out at a 3-inch leap.

It's high time for that lineman to hit the squat rack and the calf raise machine.

Felions in the background ...damnit TSN get a close up during slow time and change of possession!

At least we have a game. Last nights and this afternoon's had me worried. Nice kick off return and a good game.

The Lions jerseys have potential. I'd prefer if the numbers were solid orange and not just an orange outline, very hard to read the number while they are moving.

At least we have a game this time.

The more jet black and shades of black the better.

I am surprised though that they allowed the Stamps to wear the black helmets too, but other than from the logo from the front and side and orange numbers at a flash you can tell the difference rather easily because the Stamps' helmets are shiny black and the Lions' helmets are flat black.

Glenn needs far better support from his backs or receivers otherwise for the flare pass or check-down or routes back to the line on the broken plays.

Glenn's had time to stay in the pocket despite the heavy pressure and excellent pass rush, but Glenn has no options other than to throw it away or eat it given that throwing the ball downfield is no longer a safe option under that kind of pressure.

It would be to Calgary's benefit to go back to the red lids, those black helmets look awful that they wear on the road. They finally got the jersey right this time around and got rid of the stupid semi circle around the shoulders, but then they offset that gain by going to a black helmet.