Calgary at Saskatchewan

So what’s it gonna be. Wes Cates is still out - our new receivers won’t be ready to contribute - maybe Robinson will be able to fill a bigger role. I have a feeling we are going to win this game - believe me this nothing more than a hunch.

Agree. Nothing more than a hunch. This team has big heart.

haven't really seen that heart from the whole team yet, hopefully they bring it back tomorrow night

I HATE to say it but this game won't be close.

Riders just don't have it together and the Stamps are beginning to play like a team that deserve to be in First Place (eventually).

10 pts or more will be the difference for the Stampeders..

2 games ago Riders were within 4, and 5 of the points on the Stamps side were gifts. This one will be similar, with the Riders finishing on top.

I dunno. The Riders have been going backwards, and Calgary has been progressing. I hope I'm wrong, but I think CFLisBest has the right read here.

If we lose...the upside is we get one game closer to a new OC.

ya this team just looks like a team that is disorganized, playing with little heart on Offense and can't move the ball.

we have to wait till Toronto before we truly have a shot here.

We will win. We haven't lost 4 in a row at home since 2000. The game is sold out once again - the fan pressure on Burris will be tremendous - I think he will not have a good game. On the other hand Darian is going to take it to another level and have his best game of the season. These guys have a chance to make a statement and I believe that they can overcome the ineffectiveness of our coaching and with the help of the fans keep Calgary from taking over 1st place.

That is the other reason we are going to win so we are stuck with DB for the rest of the season.

I think this will be a hard fought game. Some Riders are potentially playing/coaching for their jobs, and the Stamps know it, and also have a chance to tie the Esks

This team has had every opportunity to quit and has not quit.

I see Tristan Jackson freight training Romby Bryant with a minute left. I see Jerrell Freeman all over the field. I see Getzlaf beating Dante Marsh 1 on 1 down the sideline late in BC (and getting a bogus PI call). I see Eddie Johnson damn near scoring a touchdown on his own huge punt.

I don't see that hopeless body language that we've seen from bad teams in the past like the '08 Argos or '03 Cats. Like hands on the hips or throwing their arms in the air after a bad play, dragging the feet off the field after a 2 and out.

I see a team trying to make plays right up until the final whistle regardless of the score. I see a defense that scraps like hell to make plays to make up for the fact that they are overmatched every week. I receivers forced into tougher assignments because of injuries.

I see mental errors but I do not see lack of effort. 1-5 and still playing their guts out. That's heart.


I agree, Other than the Hamilton game (On Offense) and some of the Esks game, they have shown heart.

Well stated

I still think part of it was that they were caught off guard by how good the Esks were...nobody was expecting that...even Esks fans. Hamilton they looked plain bad yes

So, I am waiting for a plane here, may as well write something up right...

The good from the game:

  • The D adjust well in the second half
  • The O moved the ball great
  • The team never quit!
  • They basically did not look at Getz. I catch, one that he touched (that would have been an amazing grab, so I won't call it a drop). That might shake him up
  • Going to Hill instead of Nunn
  • DD had a great game. The 1st INT was in "go for it time" at the end of half...the 2nd should have been PI.
  • Some pretty nice returns
  • 500+ yards of offense, 300+ passing for DD

The bad:

  • Officiating...both ways. I know there were some calls that went the Riders way, but there are a few standouts that IMO decided this game...perhaps watching the replay may sway that...sometimes does when see it on TV. I could list a dozen horrid calls, some for each team, but here were the standouts to me that I want to see on TV.
    ...The PI in the 1st half - The DB was clearly going for the ball. That was a live ball that both players were going for. Should not have been PI, resulted in 4 - 7 extra points for the Stamps.
    ...The INT returned - it looked like PI to me. It was like the refs went...meh...we already called 2 here, so we should put the flag away. that was a 10-14 point swing.
    ...The PI in the endzone, marked at the 12...that should have been on the 1. Granted the Riders got in. It was PI in the endzone...why a 15 yarder?
    ...The PI on the Stamps that put the ball on the 4, moved to the 2 due to a roughing the passer - I thought that was a tangling of legs (really want to see that again...bad call favoring the Riders I think.
    This was some horrid officiating. It is tough to defend the CFL when officiating is that horrid. How do you grow your fan base when the reffing is that bad. It makes it hard for even myself to be a fan of the league when i see stuff like that.

  • Burris was way too cozy. Granted, his line seemed to be blocking well, but it would have been nice to see the LB drop back a little more often and take away that slant. Yeah, the secondary was getting torched, but Burris had time to look at each receiver.

  • Rider OC - it was an overall good game plan. Some good running, some intermediate passes. Really mixing it up...BUT...there were a couple times that the Riders had to go deep and everyone knew it. Go to 5-6 receivers, not 3-4. The INT that almost got returned at end of half was a lost cause from scrimmage. There were enough Stampeder DBs to basically double coverage everyone (prevent defense). Why for the love of god would you call that. There was another occasion that the Riders had a nice 15 or so yard run, then called the exact same, "hey, that worked well, lets try it again." DD looked amazing getting out of trouble, and mixing in some intermediate passes was great, but doing draws and screens in a situation when you need 20 yards is ridiculous. I mean, yeah, I will give you that draw...first and 20, you could easily catch the Stamps napping and get a dozen, but on the next play, at 2nd and 18 you call a swing(ish) bass 1 yard deep and get 6? I know part of it is just regaining some yards so that you can punt and hold them across mid field, but wow...2 short plays?

Overall, it was a good game, but at this point I feel there were a couple calls by the refs that really decided this game...we will see when I watch it if that sways. Berry called a respectable game...there were a few calls I really had to scratch my head at, but that is almost always going to happen. The D adjusted well, but it would have been nice to see that adjustment prior to 30+ points in a half.

The D let us down again. RH must go. His bend but don't break scheme really was exposed for the archaic see-through mode of play that it is. Again 6 minutes left and we need to get the ball back in the hands of our offense and we let them chew up over 3 minutes on a TD drive. Game over - thank you DC. We have not got a stop when we needed it this year.

Hey DB why are we not running Neil Hughes when we are 1st and 10 inside the Calgary 10? 2 illadvised passing plays on the one instance and 2 skinny-guy Brandon West attempts on the other until they finally give it to Neil on the 3rd down attempt - TD.
What ever happened to the QB draw in these situations?

IMHO both co-ordinators cost us this game. I hope something is finally done about it.

[quote="dusty100"] 2 skinny-guy Brandon West attempts on the other until they finally give it to Neil on the 3rd down attempt - TD.

LOL! I know WTF was with that? I can just hear it now, Berry-"Ok, Charles just ran more than half the field, go get that guy from the stands, give em the No 8 jersey and maybe he can punch it in from the one!" :roll: