Calgary at Saskatchewan GT, Sat. Aug. 22, 7 pm et, TSN

Calgary Stampeders at Saskatchewan Roughriders
Saturday, August 22, 7 pm et / 4 pm pt
TSN 1,3,4,5

One would have to think that if the Riders can’t get going in the right direction by winning this game, the season is basically lost. A 0-8 hole would bury them. The playoffs start for Saskatchewan effectively today. Not a promising situation having to run the gaunlet with Mitchell and co. up first.

Oski Wee Wee,


The system is set so we can watch this game thru ESPN 3 tonight along with the NASCAR race.
The feeling here is the Riders will get the "W" tonight. Are we right or just dreaming?
Enjoy the game!

What a turn of events to close out the first half! Riders were in FG position with :30 left in the half, when they ran two plays for losses. Then, a Rider rough-play disqualification on a return after trying and missing a sixty-five yard FG (what???) and Calgary had a shot to throw a hail mary into the end zone. It lead to a TD and two-point convert...18-9 Calgary after thirty minutes. Unreal!

Is anyone else watching this?

If you're not, you just missed quite a turn of events at the end of the half. The Riders attempted a field goal attempt of over 60 yards (with the wind) and it was short of uprights. Then the Calgary returner got clotheslined by a Rider who got ejected for that. That penalty moved Calgary to midfield. Then on the next play, with two seconds left in the half, BLM threw a Hail Mary that was caught in the end zone for a TD.

If you missed it, you may want to catch the highlight of that successful Hail Mary pass for the TD. And that may not have happened if it were not for that clothesline of the Calgary returner.

EDIT: Oh, I see Russ is watching this. I'm not sure if I'll watch all of this one though.

Wow. Rough Play - DQ on #59 for SK on a full-on clothes line on a Tim Brown missed FG return. Brown's helmet came off in mid-air, and the first thing to hit the turf was his head. Luckily, he's OK.

BLM makes them pay after the 25-yd penalty with 2 secs left in the half with a 60-yd Hail Mary TD and 2-pt convert.

And that Rider was actually celebrating after that, while Brown was staying down on the turf.

I was amused by that Rider's facial expression when it was announced he got tossed out, though.

As Drew Edwards just tweeted:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 7m7 minutes ago

This league, man. Something interesting happens every game.

There is NO place in football for a guy to clothesline another player and celebrate after it like that Rider guy just did! Yes, there is a big height difference between hitter and hittee, but proper form tackling would have avoided that stupidity. I almost saw a guy have his neck broken there. WOW!

To be fair, Cuthbert mentioned that he's a newcomer to the CFL, so he may not be aware of ALL the rule differences.

Clotheslining a guy is universally illegal in gridiron football, period.

I know that Russ, but I honestly don't know if it's a DQ offence in all Leagues. Something to research, I guess.

I believe it is if it is judged an attempt to injure. Certainly that was reckless and a suspendable offense, IMO.

After intercepting a pass, Stamps got close to end zone, but had to settle for FG. 21-9 Calgary.

And in any case, he sure should not have been celebrating after that. I also expect him to be lighter in the wallet (by an undisclosed amount?) soon.

Riders just got a TD, so this may continue to be an entertaining one.

Calgary got another FG off a turnover, but then wide-open Demski found for 70+ yard gain to make it 1st and goal and then Riders got TD and two point covert after that.


Tie game at 24. Are these the same Stampeders that destroyed Ottawa last week?

First play of the 4th quarter: Harrison gets the YAC for the TD, 31-24 Calgary.

Then Paredes FG makes it 34-24.

We just heard from Obie and Drew Edwards tweeted this about that guy who is one of the most recent inductees into the HoF:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago

Obie helped rebuild a struggling #Ticats franchise starting in 2008. Also patiently taught a new beat reporter a ton about the #CFL.

THAT was a totally BS call. I feel for Smith, but it was NOT a UR penalty...

A Stamp got pushed down by a Rider onto Smith after Smith was taken down, gets called for UR.

Smith was slow to get up but is still playing.

Did that zebra not see that that player was pushed onto Smith? I never like seeing officiating mistakes like those.