Calgary at Saskatchewan Game Day Thread

Game’s on. One thing about Rider home games - there aren’t as many Rider fans here to post on rider game day threads :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

TD Weston Dressler. 25 yarder.

Calgary's first offensive play: intentional grounding. Riders D must be pumped. 19-yard loss.

Didn't take long for Burris to start crying to the refs.

Nice pass to Getzlaf!

TD #2 , keep them coming boys!

The GETZLAF DRIVE!! 2-play drive, 2 throws to Chris, one is a TD !!

...getting scorched here...nice drives by Durant....


Ouch. Congi's leg does not look normal. Nice block by Calgary.

...ouch is right, that did not look good, knees don't bend laterally very well, hope he is okay...

I don't mean to sound like a homer but what did Simpson do that deserved an unnecessary roughness penalty?

I think the winner of this game will win the West division and will inturn decide the MOP nominee from the west.

FG for Maver. 14-10 now.

...should've played the Benny HIll music during that last Calgary punt return

Yep, a little bouncing around. This game sure settled down after the first few drives, eh?

Why hasn't anyone pointed out how our o line has been mediocre at best i the past few weeks

Must admit, I was more than a bit nervous with that FG. With Eddie replacing Luca and Andy replacing Rob as the holder, but it worked our really well ... right down the middle.

Okay, if you insist. Your o-line has been mediocre at best the past few weeks :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

this game has been a little stressful.

Durant is playing a decent game but they need to keep at it.