Calgary at Ottawa

...Transitional Romanesque architecture was neither transitional nor Romanesque. Discuss...

I for sure will have difficulty identifying Romanesque Architecture, which has many variations. A gradual evolution of building techniques too. Anyway, GO Calgary....

give me early mayan any day

Well... this is exciting REDBLACKS 2 & out x2. :roll: Williams is not going to break a return like Speedy B can.
Stamps 2 & out once. Now can they get in more than two tosses/plays in their second possession?

TD Rogers after about 3-4 plays! and the 2 point convert is good. :smiley: I think I picked Rogers for my fantasy team this week so all is good!

There it is FYB; TD Calgary - 8-0 Stampeders lead

bahh, somebody always has to go off topic

Stamps open an early lead. Excellent. I need the post. :smiley:

anyhow, back to architecture. I think early 70's B.C. really sucks

Not really FYB; lots of historic action took place at one time inside Lansdowne Park. The late 60's I figure the Rough Riders were rolling.
11-0 Calgary with the field goal.

Stupid players or Stupid refs?


And Bad Hank is on full display so far in the first. Stamps aren't looking their sharpest either but may be sharp enough to win. 11-0 now with the Paredes FG.

About 4 minutes left in the 1st and OTTRBs finally have a FD! or two

And wonder of wonders Hank converts 2nd and 20 with a toss to Sinopli! :o

Wonders never cease!! Jackson with the TD catch for the OTTRBs with 19 seconds remaining in the first! :o

Two point convert and Ottawa's right back in it. Crap.

Quit bulldogging Chief, Ottawa must provide cheering action at TD Place.

unless they are phantom calls, it stupid players by miles

...copycat...and multiple user-name guy...for shame...

…good on OTT for scoring, but c’mon man, that was a chuck it up there and hope for the best play…

Not to worry - there's plenty of game remaining for the horses to ride off with it! :smiley: