Calgary at Ottawa

What are the chances of Ottawa beating Calgary this afternoon?

Slim to none but I was wrong one other time.

go NIk

have a great game !!!!!!!!!!

In the CFL nothing is for sure. Calgary has been known to take games off. Usually in the Playoffs :expressionless:

7 - 0 Ottawa. :slight_smile:

There is an old saying "On any given Sunday----"
Now if the Ottawa offense can only score!

11 plays 7-7 game, and now 2 plays and Ottawa punts.

I drew Ottawa and have a feeling that I will be paying for the wings this afternoon. Seven guys can eat a lot of wings during a game.

Just turned on the game and instantly thought Ottawa was Calgary. Did the Stamps loan out their uniforms?

Yes that big "R" could be mistaken for the Stamps.................. :roll:

Another flag. :frowning:

What can be done to lessen the flags???

Do you tell the refs not to call as much? More practice time for the players? Loosen the rules?
This a no win situation because it is slowing the games to a crawl.

I think they've mixed up Toronto and Saskatchewan when they say Ottawa has beaten the defending Grey Cup champs.

Easy there, killer. :lol:

Should not have been called. :frowning:

That was a helluva catch by West. :o

Little bit of a soft RTP call on Ottawa there. But completely avoidable as well.

Kind of silly Ottawa would wear the rest of the alternative uniform with the plaid helmets not being ready - isn't it?

All he had to do was get half a yard! :x

They probably had a bunch of uniforms they wanted to sell. Maybe, by mixing it up, they will up their sales.


Anyone else prefer to watch the games on mute?


Nice catch!!!