Calgary at Ottawa - Where is Everybody?

Came home late, been making a few comments on the Ticat board, and just realized that there's no game thread here. Is this a first?

Perhaps I can own a thread.... and in the last 4 minutes of a game!

Calgary gives up a 50 yard pass while napping but Ottawa (and the Zebras) stop the Ottawa TD. Announcing sataff likes the new rule that gives a penalty to a player who indicates - in any way - that they think a penalty should be called on the other team.

This poster believes announcing staff to be extremely wrong. Dumb rule.

There's no game thread occasionally. I don't think anyone really expected this one to be competitive,mbut at least Ottawa tries to be entertaining.

Weird rule on that flag,for sure. A penalty for signaling a penalty? Flags are way out of hand. Next they'll introduce a penalty for taking too many penalties.

Ottawa was handed their first touchdown by the zebra's for no reason so it makes up for that a bit.

I think it is a great rule. It was brought in about 3-4 years ago mid-season, which is rare, but it was getting fricken bonkers that the point some fans were getting turned off. I never really saw anything about it getting dropped, but it seemed to slip off the books, finally being added again this year. i don't mind a player making the flag signal a bit as they walk away, but when they stand there doing it, yup, good penalty. Signal your coach, he can challenge PIs now...pretty simple and makes the penalty have legs.

I wish the PI against the Cats that was challenged had been overturned. It is clear refs won't overturn their own calls, only non-calls. the receiver locked in on the DB because he knew he was about to become the defender. Had he been looking at the ball at all...maybe. weak call (which is fine, it happens), worse non-overturn...that's what bugs me. There was no PI there whatsoever...he touched him, and the ref saw it and thought it was a foul...replay was pretty clear it wasn't.

No game thread because there was no game today. Two groups of players showed up to collect paychecks, but only half of them worked for theirs.

I'm still waiting for the season to start. Yet to see a game this year that I would call exciting, intense or thrilling. The best has been average at best and the where did I leave my pillow?

Perhaps you should wet your appetite with another sport. There have been a lot of bad games, but there have been some very good ones as well.

Missed thw Winnipeg game last week which from the highlights looked like a good 2nd half. What I have seen so far is games that are average at best. A few periods of 1 or matbe 2 quarters of good football but nothing like we usually see at this point in the season. Add to that the completely pathetic performance by the east (Ottawa being the only team with a valid excuse yet arguably the best of that horrendous lot) and this season, so far, has been a dud.

It’s to the point where if it’s not west v west it’s likely 3 hours (if your lucky) of your life you’ll never get back.

dunno....Hamilton games the passed few weeks have been pretty good and they seem to have/are turning the corner.

agree. Liking the TiCats play, and they deserve a better record.

I know there's been lots of grousing about officiating this year (in my opinion some of the grousing is pretty justifiable), but it seems to me that Hamilton is getting jobbed a little more often than most. I wonder if Austin constantly beaking in their ears (plus some bad memories of the Burris whine-fest when he was there) has caused the officials to "squeeze" his team a bit. I know that officially it shouldn't/doesn't happen, but hey, these guys are still human. I'm not saying that its happening, but I do wonder about the possibility.

Sorry for the off-topic. Just following the flow of conversation.

Of the east teams I give Hamilton and Ottawa the best chance of playing something resembling football this season. Argos are saddled with poor management, a lousy coach and too many key injuries. Montreal is a disfunctional lot and getting worse by the day as Popp just adds more pieces to the puzzle rather than trying to make something out of the pieces he has.

Hamilton games have been so-so with the exception of Fridays which I gave up on at the end of the first. After Farhan talked right through their onside kick then had no replay that didn't look like it was shot from 10 miles away I turned it off. I tune into games on TV to.....a novel idea I them. When TSN stops showing the actual game in favour of a sideline reporters gibberish I have to ask myself why I am watching.

Tend to agree. It is the same as a few years back when the Stamps had a few guys who called for a flag on every play (Burris being the leader of the pack). The refs got sick of it and they started calling them harder. Not saying it is the only reason/team that caused them to make a rare mid-season rule amendment that made that a foul, but it was a large factor, and they were the only team that year I recall drawing the penalty....At any point is that yeah, you can only piss a ref off so much.

I do however wonder if Higgins, the ex-boss, gets the worst of it. Has he won a challenge this year?